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Crows feet miracles?

(8 Posts)
Menagerie Mon 20-Dec-10 12:55:38

The bright light from the snow is really showing off my crows' feet a treat. Does anyone know of a cream or treatment that genuinely reduces them? I don't mind growing old but I object to looking so much older than I feel!


Cyb Mon 20-Dec-10 12:56:57

There is no such thing

Actually that Eyesential stuff gets rid but only for a day and you cant wear make up o'er the top
I think it feels like egg white tightening on your face

cornyPrawnsdefrostJasonDonovan Mon 20-Dec-10 13:05:00

decleor excellence eye cream is good

MadreInglese Mon 20-Dec-10 13:06:01

virgin vie used to do a light reflecting undercoat cream thingy that was good IIRC

traceybath Mon 20-Dec-10 13:07:54

Agree with cyb - botox only thing that will really work.

Otherwise good moisturiser/eye cream and some radiance/illuminating cream.

Poodlehorse Mon 20-Dec-10 14:04:32

I highly recommend this serum, you use it for a month and then have a month off and then use it again etc. IT does amazing things to mine and even DH has noticed and wanted to know what I was using. Also use the code XMS10 to get 10% off just now

Poodlehorse Mon 20-Dec-10 14:06:19

Oh and I didn't write the review on that site but I might as well have, agree with every word.

electra Mon 20-Dec-10 14:07:29

Botox is the only thing that has any lasting effect.

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