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A discount on Mulberry anywhere, ever ?

(20 Posts)
mamatomany Thu 16-Dec-10 23:23:08

I think DH has a big bonus heading his way and I'd like to invest it for him in a Bayswater but want to get a good deal.
Has anyone ever had a discount on a classic colour ?

Bishoplyn Fri 17-Dec-10 00:34:10

Hi! Just last week a friend told me she'd bought a brown Mulberry bag in Departures at Stansted Airport. Because it was tax free, it was loads cheaper than the ones she been looking at in Selfridges earlier on the same day.

woopsidaisy Fri 17-Dec-10 07:16:51

Pretty sure House of Fraser have them in the sales. Try ringing them to check.

Lulumaam Fri 17-Dec-10 07:19:15

seen them at Cheshire Oaks. maybe have them at other outlets? liek Bicester? depends where you are

LWRF Fri 17-Dec-10 07:39:28

I have tan bayswster, you can't get tan/ oak/ black in outlets/ sales... You can call heathrow shops and try to prearrange..I did the same, my DH paid on his way to and collected when came back, very easy. If any problems- their customer service is excellent.

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Fri 17-Dec-10 07:42:52

House of Fraser do discount Mulberry in their sales. You are, of course, hostage to what's on offer though.

I saw a perfect (for me) Bayswater a couple of years ago but it was about £750 and I couldn't justify if at the time. I ended up getting it for just over £300 as it had a load off in the sale and I got additional discount with HoF card. I love that bag (although I didn't use it for a year as I couldn't bear the thought of it becoming battered) and I now use it every day.

muminthesun Fri 17-Dec-10 09:26:10

Hi,mulberry have a factory outlet in shepton mallet which i believe is in somerset,someone once posted that you can phone and they will send out?,anyone ever tried this?

NoahAndTheWhale Fri 17-Dec-10 09:28:32

I think there is a factory shop in York (not ever been in it but have walked past grin)

lorelilee Fri 17-Dec-10 11:19:23

There is a Outlet in York - been there (October) and bought my fab black hombre Bayswater for £450 rather than the £695 it normally costs. You WONT regret it

latherrinserepeat Fri 17-Dec-10 12:46:11

I did buy my bayswater in the shepton mallet outlet but that was about six years ago. It is oak and they do get them but not very often. My sister got one from there last year (also in oak!) and she had to go into the shop to get on their wait list - they wouldn't put her on it when she rang before hand. They then rang her when they had a couple in but she had to hotfoot it up there as they wouldn't hold them for long. IIRC she paid about £450 but I know their prices have gone up this year. HTH.

CloversMama Fri 17-Dec-10 13:32:50

Phone the outlet stores - there are 4 I think. They will tell you what they have in stock and then you can buy over the phone. For about £7 they will package it up beautifully and send it to you.

I got my patent and nubuck Bayswater for £450 as opposed to £695 from the Shepton Mallet outlet. The girl on the phone was really helpful and it arrived within 2 days. I absolutely love it - it's black and pretty classic looking but I haven't seen anyone else with the same one. I see millions of Oak ones everyday on the tube.

I did however ask if they had any Oak Bayswaters in and the girl pretty much had to stop herself from laughing. They are the most popular and very rarely pop up in the outlet stores. You will have more luck if you are willing to have a more unusual colour or a 'last season' one.

WillPenn Fri 17-Dec-10 13:36:40

My mum got me an oak Bayswater from the Bicester Mulberry outlet for about £400 I think. I had said to her that she should look out for one when she went, thinking there wasn't a hope in hell, but by a miracle they had a couple. The woman in the shop said they were like gold dust and flew out the door whenever they got a few in.

deedar Fri 17-Dec-10 13:46:03

I got my dark brown bayswater from Mulberry in Bicester village a couple of years ago. It was £350 because there was some discolouration in the leather on the handles - but I've never been able to spot it.

PuraVida Fri 17-Dec-10 13:48:23

May I recommend the They know EVERYTHING about mulberry and helped me get mine for a good price. They will Aldo know when the sale starts

The outlets (bicester, York, Cheshire oaks and the factory shop at shepton mallet) occasionally have the classics and will post them to you.

js1000 Fri 17-Dec-10 15:47:57

Are they Genuine

thighsmadeofcheddar Fri 17-Dec-10 15:53:48

I would say NO.
Definitely fake at those prices.

js1000 Fri 17-Dec-10 15:56:15

I thought so, too good to be true hmmmmangry

muminthesun Fri 17-Dec-10 15:56:20

I would say most def fake,but wish they were real at those prices,would save self a fortuneIf you look on mulberry website they have list of stores that carry mulberry.

LaurieFairyonthetreeEatsCake Fri 17-Dec-10 16:11:16

Ha ha read the English under FAQ. Tis not great grammatically.

NW20 Fri 17-Dec-10 16:16:56

I went to the Shepton Mallet shop last week, they currently have Bayswaters in plum leather, plum patent leather, beige/khaki (not oak), gold cracked and bronze cracked leather, and fucsia.
I never find Bicester has much of a selection.

Also, a point to note, they make Bayswaters especially for the outlets, which are exactly the same except without the metal feet or the key in a leather thing hanging off the handle. They are quite a lot cheaper, but I wasn't keen cos I think they look fake, even though they aren't, if you know what I mean.

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