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Glittery eye shadow

(6 Posts)
CeliaChristmasFate Thu 16-Dec-10 21:29:51

Where can I get some? I fancy gold, glittery eyeshadow (like they wear on Strictly!) that looks really Christmassy. I don't like cream eyeshadow though, the feel of it makes me shudder. Any ideas?

puzzlepetal Thu 16-Dec-10 21:46:40

Urban Decay Maui wowee is lovely.

southeastastra Thu 16-Dec-10 21:50:39

if you want to go completely ott get some snazaroo gold glitter gel

MrsMeow Thu 16-Dec-10 21:51:54

Another vote for Urban Decay! Midnight Cowboy rides again is lovely.

muminthemiddle Thu 16-Dec-10 21:54:32

Superdrug do liquid glitter eyeliner but you can put it all over the lid.

crazybutterflylady Fri 17-Dec-10 15:22:15

MAC pigment is uhmezzin. They do it in all colours and it comes in a massive pot that will last years. I have the silver and always get compliments on it.

They have some gorgeous glittery eye shadows too.

I do love urban decay too - midnight cowboy is gorgeous but you need a primer with it unless you have dry skin. They do glitter liners too which you can use all over.

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