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how to dress down

(10 Posts)
bluetortoise Wed 15-Dec-10 20:44:16

Hello there, I would love to hear your opinions. I am thinking about wearing this dress (link below) for something that is meant to be quite informal. Do you think I could dress it down if so how could I do it? Many thanks for your help... /All-Sale/Yasmin-Jersey-Dress/201065399

moragbellingham Wed 15-Dec-10 21:03:03

That's a tricky one to do!
If you really had to wear it, I think opaques and flat pumps with cardigan in black possibly.

moragbellingham Wed 15-Dec-10 21:03:35

In a fifties kind of styleesmile

QueenGigantaurofMnet Wed 15-Dec-10 21:06:34

ooh thats lovely.

do you normally dress very smartly? What i mean is, would it be out of carachter to wear a smart dress like that?

if not then yes, opaques and black cardi with some flat pumps/non dressy heels.

bluetortoise Wed 15-Dec-10 21:29:21

thanks for your feedback, good idea about the black cardi Morag, hadn't thought about it, but was think about the flat pumps so that is good, I need to search for a black cardi now, but have to find in a shop cause I need to wear on Saturday. I don't usually dress very smartly Queen, but I quite like to make an effort every now and then. For example I bought that dress for a birthday lunch and I wanted to wear something quite nice but which wasn't too OTT, iykwim. Do you think a grey cardi would look too formal for the dress?

QueenGigantaurofMnet Wed 15-Dec-10 21:34:54

not at all, actually Grey would work very well and pick up on the grey in the dress.

bluetortoise Wed 15-Dec-10 21:54:26

ok, big search for a grey or black cardi now then (in a place where I can pick from a store, given the urgency...). Anyone would like to join me on my hard task (please, please, please blush) ?

moragdingdongbellingham Wed 15-Dec-10 22:15:08

this is not at all what I was thinking of but have seen it in store and it does look nice. I have one similar in style and have worn it everywhere.
The pic looks awful and the review is bad, but it is only one review - and I would take it back if it wore that badly too!

in black or grey
3/4 sleeves would be better I think.

QueenGigantaurofMnet Wed 15-Dec-10 22:32:52

definitly the second.

bluetortoise Wed 15-Dec-10 22:33:49

thanks so much for the links Morag, I like the second one best and there is a Warehouse not too far from me, so that would be easy to see if they have in store... if not I have a better idea now of what to look for, was not sure what I was looking for really but you gave me huge help grin

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