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Help! Need a good slimfit mens' shirt!!!

(9 Posts)
arabella36 Wed 15-Dec-10 15:08:44

My DH is tall and thin so ordinary shirts look really boxy/baggy on him. M&S used to be a good provider of slimfit shirts, but recently the quality of these has declined. Where can I get them?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

sleepwhenidie Wed 15-Dec-10 15:11:15

I would try PS Paul Smith as the slimmest cut I am aware of - also Pinks slim cut shirts and Nigel Hall are quite slim fit. All pricier than M&S but great quality.

purplepeony Wed 15-Dec-10 16:48:13

are you talking casual or dress/work shirts?
John Lewis own are quite good for work shirts and White Stuff casual shirts are slim fitting.

moragbellingham Wed 15-Dec-10 16:50:55

DH used to get the slim fit M&S but found them a lttle short. Someone recommended Next for slim shirts but I haven't looked yet.

herbietea Wed 15-Dec-10 16:53:41

Message withdrawn

flippineck Wed 15-Dec-10 16:58:35

DH is tall and slim and wears the slim fit shirts from Charles Tyrrwhit (or however you spell it). Look out for offers, you don't ever have to pay full price for them!

arabella36 Wed 15-Dec-10 17:18:19

Was thinking of work shirts mainly, but come to think of it he really needs them for casual as well.

Thank you all for the tips

pagwatch Wed 15-Dec-10 17:23:35

Lewin now do slim fit and they fit my 6ft slim son well.
They have periodic offers where 4 shirts are £100 and they always have old stock on discount.

Clure Wed 15-Dec-10 21:06:51

another vote for TM Lewin, my DH (6'1)has a very long slim body and long arms and these are the only shirts which do for him!

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