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which coat?

(8 Posts)
JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Mon 13-Dec-10 19:41:32

this coat or this one?

Want a warm coat that will do for a long time and go with everything. Had decided on the camel, but head turned by the other. Am blonde, and not thin or young. I know the camel should be the one in theory, but the other feels more like my style, tho had vowed no funnel neck, cos of make up.

BigTillyMincepie Mon 13-Dec-10 19:43:28

Well camel is more timeless, but I am blonde and I look washed out in that colour smile

vanitypear Mon 13-Dec-10 19:45:36

I like the first - tis lovely. Hasnt it been on that fashion blog?

dexter73 Mon 13-Dec-10 19:47:04

I like the second one best. I don't like the colour or the collar on the first one.

tethersjinglebellend Mon 13-Dec-10 19:51:21

First one definitely. Checked looks like it's off the market.

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Mon 13-Dec-10 20:05:26

Thanks all. Will have to try to get to the Big City and try them on. I kind of agree with tethers in a kind of way, but am drawn to it nonetheless. Maybe shows I am not ready for camel timelessnesssmile

FellatioNelson Mon 13-Dec-10 20:10:45

The camel for sure. It's perfection. The other one is nice enough but it doesn't look as expensive as it is, and it will date with that funnel neck. The camel one you will wear forever.

yama Mon 13-Dec-10 20:12:44

Yes, agree with others that camel is best. The second one looks cheap.

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