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Dramatic hair colour change - any advice

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KnittingisbetterthanTherapy Mon 13-Dec-10 08:51:54

My first post in style and beauty - as I'm neither stylish or beautiful it's not somewhere I frequent!! grin

I'm after some advice on hair colour and wondering if anyone can help? I currently have dark brown/red hair that I have dyed every eight weeks or so. Beneath the dye I'm now almost entirely grey sad which means that as my roots show through they show really badly against my very dark hair.

Consequently I was thinking of going much much lighter (not blonde though!) but don't know whether it will suit my colouring. I have dark eyebrows and dark eyes.

Has anyone else done this successfully? Top tips? Is there a website where I can 'try' different colours with a photo of me (sure I've heard of something like this!).

Any help gratefully received, I've never done anything this dramatic before and don't want to mess up!

tulpe Mon 13-Dec-10 10:16:54

Knitting - I am naturally brunette and had my hair highlighted blonde for years in a bid to hide the grey beneath. I ended up going back to brunette 2 years ago because I realised it was not working and that the grey showed through anyway even against the blonde. I think it depends how much is light grey and how much is that dark, charcoal like grey (which accounts for much of my grey hair with shocks of white every now and again).

KnittingisbetterthanTherapy Mon 13-Dec-10 13:09:14

Hmm, that's depressing!

Mine is light grey at the moment, quite silvery.

Why did you stop dying it? Was it just too much hassle?

KnittingisbetterthanTherapy Mon 13-Dec-10 20:19:51

Anyone know of the website I mentioned?

tulpe Mon 13-Dec-10 20:32:22

I still have it coloured every 3 months. I usually go for a shade darker than my natural shade because I find the roots show thru less. This time I have gone for a gorgeous reddish brunette but I know that I will need my next appointment sooner than 12 weeks.

Do you have a permanent or semi-p colour? Just wondering if you would get better coverage with a permanent which is what my stylist uses.

KnittingisbetterthanTherapy Mon 13-Dec-10 20:33:52

Some permanent, some semi-permanent.

Just looking at some websites but can't make them work!

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