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I am loving my denim skirt and want another one. Cord skirt?

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IAmReallyFabNow Sun 12-Dec-10 21:07:39

Naff or okay?

I am in my late 30's.

SherbetDibDab Sun 12-Dec-10 21:10:34

I dunno. I always feel a bit cluncky in cord.

I've got one that's like a really light moleskin. That works as a denim alternative.

bethelbeth Sun 12-Dec-10 21:15:57

Marking my spot to see if anyone comes up with anything good. I'd love a nice cord skirt but Next's offering is a bit blah and any others that I have seen are shapeless.

Somebody enlighten me please!

muddleduck Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:19

I have one. Used to love it. Not so sure now...

MrsColumbo Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:22

Cord's good in winter, especially with knee-high boots.

Mercedes519 Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:31

Have you seen the skirts in White Stuff? They have a range of materials and prints on skirts and if only I could afford to shop there all the time [sigh]

I am now in my late 30's (since last weekend sad) and I have a brown cord skirt which I like wearing...

muddleduck Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:51

Tis Boden btw.

IAmReallyFabNow Sun 12-Dec-10 21:17:45

Haven't been on the White Stuff for years, assume it is v expensive to be honest and not practical for me.

I just want another skirt and could only come up with cord!

muddleduck Sun 12-Dec-10 21:24:14

I have a nice velvet one from White Stuff.

Mercedes519 Sun 12-Dec-10 21:25:50

It's up to £50 ish for a skirt which is expensive for me, depends on your personal criteria...

Picked up a nice wool mix skirt in Primark the other day for £13 but it's more of a work piece in black.

How about a different colour of denim? I have a dark blue one and a lighter one?

LooL00 Mon 13-Dec-10 09:15:36

IMO cord has to be a bit shorter than denim. i have a fab needlecord skirt from 2 years ago h and M.

polyhymnia Mon 13-Dec-10 10:01:40

What do all you style-conscious people wear with your skirts? I have a denim one and also a Boden baby cord but rarely wear them, for lack of inspiration on tops.

I like wearing skirts, and (I think) look OK in them and can sort out the leg area - love boots, interesting tights, etc. But all the tops I'm into at the moment are long tunic style of one sort or another - great for trousers/treggings, but no good for skirts. When it comes to shorter tops, I only seem to own a couple of unexciting cashmere sweaters. I have a (really) large bust btw, so need to be careful of frumpy-type tops.

All suggestions welcome!

daimbardiva Mon 13-Dec-10 11:03:57

poly are you me...just posted your comment in different words on another thread. Will await answers with interest!!!

daimbardiva Mon 13-Dec-10 11:04:37

Apart from having the (really) large bust. That's not me, unfortunately <sob>

tassisssss Mon 13-Dec-10 11:07:23

Laura Ashley have very nice cord skirts IMO. They're quite expensive but have great sales if you can wait!

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 13-Dec-10 11:17:01

I bought this velvet one from M&S but stupidly ordered a 12 which is to big, and now they're out of stock in anything below a 16.
They do have it in burgundy in a 14, though.

The pockets I could do without but it's quite flattering and I though would be really useful when I'm sick of wearing jeans.

I aso have a velvet one from Kew which I'll try and link to.

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 13-Dec-10 11:23:28

'Tis this one, which is shorter than it looks in the picture and has browns, teals, greys and purples in it so goes with lots of things.

For tops, I'm a 32F so also don't go for the baggy chunky tunic styles which are everywhere atm.

I like a neat little cardi with a scoop-necked vest under, or there's a lovely drapey-necked top in Gap atm which flatters the top half without adding inches.

I actually have started to wear clingy polo necks occasionally as well; as long as they're fine-knit and fitted and you wear a bright necklace or scarf, they're not too 'look at my boobs everyone!'

I think an open-necked blouse over a v-neck jumper looks nice in a kind of preppy way as well.

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 13-Dec-10 11:33:23

You've jogged my memory this morning and I've just ordered some of these from Wrap. They're getting low on stock, though.

And they also have cord minis but there's something odd-looking about the pockets imo.

Don't know why producing a basic western-style skirt should be such a problem; everyone seems to want to add
some sort of flourish or fiddly detail which negates the whole point of a classic, everyday style.

WhatsWrongWithYou Mon 13-Dec-10 11:44:34

Found this as well.
< talks to self >

HouseOfBambooootiful Mon 13-Dec-10 11:46:11

I like cord skirts in winter and summer, but only knee-length or shorter. Prefer non-patterned styles in black, brown, or grey. (I'm a fat old bird though and tend to shy away from anything too, er, individual looking.)

I wear with layered t-shirts or fine-rib cotton jumpers. Cardigans/hoodies work too. Length of top depends if skirt is straight or flared, I don't wear straight skirts so have to stick to shortish tops. But if you've got slinky hips and thighs then a straight cord skirt would look nice with longer tops I reckon.

If anyone finds any A-line skirts like this please post as I'm having difficulty finding any at the mo!

HouseOfBambooootiful Mon 13-Dec-10 11:47:41

I like that Debenhams one WWWY - shame it's not flared (or that my hips and arse aren't a lot thinner wink )

SlightlyJaded Mon 13-Dec-10 11:47:45

There's a really nice grey fine cord one in Gap at the moment (I think it comes in burgundy as well but the grey is much nicer). It's part of teh '1969' range

HouseOfBambooootiful Mon 13-Dec-10 11:56:43

Is it this one?


V nice, a bit straight up and down for me (sob) but if it suited me I'd wear it.

IAmReallyFabNow Mon 13-Dec-10 12:29:32

Thank you for all the ideas. I will have fun going shopping grin.

mrmagoo Mon 13-Dec-10 12:51:11

But what sort of boots do you wear? I feel a bit old-fashioned in knee-high boots, but heeled ankle boots with an above-the-knee skirt looks a bit young for me for daytime, whereas flat ankle boots make my legs look too chunky.

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