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Has anyone used Boots No 7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser? similar to LE Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser?

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strawberry17 Sat 11-Dec-10 17:47:42

I've been trying LE cleanse & polish but can't really afford to keep using it, was wondering if many of you have tried this? especially anyone with oily skin?

thefentiger Sat 11-Dec-10 20:38:33

Yep Use this -really lovely for the price.I use this when my skin is dry and use Tesco Organic cream cleanser when oily -pre period.
Its lovely have used Eve Lom and cant see much difference. Really didnt like the LE one though- made me spotty. The Boots one made my skin lovely and very "polished"

thefentiger Sat 11-Dec-10 20:40:00

Perhaps if you have oily skin use the Tesco Organic cream cleanser ? love this but its difficult to find.

strawberry17 Sun 12-Dec-10 09:36:59

Difficult to find? only in the main big tesco stores then?

CybillLiberty Sun 12-Dec-10 10:02:05

yy to tesco organic cleanser. i love it and stock up whenever I see £4ish a bottle, JUST like Liz Earle.
I ahve oily skin too

thefentiger Sun 12-Dec-10 10:13:06

I cant get it in my large Tesco and it disappeared for ages.I have a stock in my wardrobe !
Can get it in huge Tesco but that is a bit of a drive away.
Its part of an Organic range they do but I cant remember what its called

BigTillyMincepie Sun 12-Dec-10 10:40:27

What does the Tesco Organic cleanser look like - is it called Bnatural Organic cleanser?

CybillLiberty Sun 12-Dec-10 11:26:22

yes in pump dispenser

NinkyNonker Sun 12-Dec-10 11:32:16

Can you get the Tesco one online?

Oumasrusks Sun 12-Dec-10 12:40:28

I love the Tesco Bnatural cleanser and I order it online and it is usually available. I found I got spots with the Liz Earle one but the Tesco one keeps my skin clear.

ChristianaCatesby Sun 12-Dec-10 12:51:15

Have you tried the oil cleansing method brilliant and really really cheap

BigTillyMincepie Sun 12-Dec-10 12:51:59

Thanks - I have added it to my grocery order wink

strawberry17 Sun 12-Dec-10 13:39:16

I couldn't find the organic cleanser in my tesco on line but next time I'm in the store I will look for it, I have just bought the Boots one to see how it is.
I have read about this oil cleansing method but to tell the truth I am terrified of slathering olive oil on my oily skin as I've read of some oily skinned people coming out in lots of lumps and bumps!

NinkyNonker Sun 12-Dec-10 14:06:50

I can't see it on my Tesco nline, do you have a link BigTilly?

BigTillyMincepie Sun 12-Dec-10 14:25:19

Well I think it's this? Please tell me if I'm wrong!

NinkyNonker Sun 12-Dec-10 15:13:34

Oooh, looks like it. Not available on mine, must be out of stock. Will keep checking! Thanks for the link.

jollyoldstnickschick Sun 12-Dec-10 15:18:51

Boots stuff is fab - theres 2 teenage boys in my house that use it too grin.

thefentiger Sun 12-Dec-10 20:56:33

Another nice one is Origins Pure Cream.You can either tissue off or rinse off .
Its about the same price as LE one .
Its lovely lemony and leaves skin beautifully soft.
I use it when I need to take alot of makeup off or if I feel a bit tired and run down- the lemon really wakes me up.
Also a tiny bit of Modern Friction once a week to gently exfoliate.

lovelyopaque Sun 12-Dec-10 22:12:57

i like the Boots one. Find I don't even need a moisturiser after using it.

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