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DIY Laser hair removal

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HollyBollyBooBoo Thu 09-Dec-10 22:24:47

I bought a laser hair removal system and have done 8 treatments on my underarms.

Instructions say that it takes between 6-12 treatments to achieve full affects but so far it has done very little.

Does anyone have any experience of using these systems? Am I being impatient? Will the hairs all suddenly go in a couple more treatments?

lilly153 Fri 10-Dec-10 00:11:44

i have bought and tried both the rio laser hair removals think the first one was for single hair the second could do 10 at a time or something like that but found them both rubbish and didnt work
ive bought myself the remington i-light now which isnt a laser hair removal its an ipl ive heared lots of good things about ipl systems just havent got round to using it yet

HollyBollyBooBoo Fri 10-Dec-10 18:43:24


MummieHunnie Fri 10-Dec-10 23:32:24

I hope someone has some info on this, I have seen some diy lazer hair removers in the argos catalogue, and it got me thinking that I would like to try it, so if anyone else has any good experience, I would be interested too hollybolly x

Does it hurt Holly?

Monadami Sat 11-Dec-10 01:54:10

I would imagine for safety reasons these DIY models aren't as powerful as the ones used in clinics.

I've recently been having professional treatments on my chin and tache area and noticed the difference after 2 treatments. I purchased course of 8 treatments and will have my 6th next week, no hair has regrown since my 4th treatment. Amazing!

MrsRhettButler Sat 11-Dec-10 01:58:46

manadami, does it hurt? and is it very expensive? i really want some treatment myself but am not rich at the mo... do you get red marks or anything also?

Monadami Sat 11-Dec-10 02:09:44

Well, I think prices have gone down over the last few years. I have my treatments at SK:N and as I was referred by a friend received £25 off. Also I have Polycystic Ovaries, so with a letter from my GP received 10% off the course. The cost of a course of 8 was £703, but courses of 6 or single treatments can be purchased.

As for pain, well I'd been having my beard and tache threaded regulaly which is very painful, so the skin eventually adjusts. I wouldn't say Laser Hair Removal is painful, but as the tech passes the laser over the area there is a sensation of an elastic band being pinged, plus every now and then you hear the hairs frazzle. Everyone's pain thresholds are different and depending on where on the body it's being done.

After treatment they apply Aloe Vera Gel, I'm darker skinned so didn't notice any redness and had no marks. It's just important to keep out of the sun and use Factor 30 sun block to reduce risks of hyper pigmentation.

crystalglasses Sat 11-Dec-10 02:21:27

Mondami - Did you have to let the hairs grow before having the lazer treatment? The thought that I might have to allow my upper lip and chin hairs to grow, has stopped me from trying lazer treatment so far.

TryLikingClarity Sat 11-Dec-10 08:19:25

My mum had laser treatment on her chin and said that some of the hairs have grown back. Tbh, I think she notices them more than anyone else does.

I'd love to have my upper lip done but am scared it won't work and that I'll have wasted lots of money

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