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Bodenites are revolting

(11 Posts)
Housewife2010 Wed 08-Dec-10 19:39:54

They're going mad on the Boden Facebook page. Yet again, Johnny has started the Sale for the US first & unlikely as it sounds, all the US site comes from the UK warehouse. The Bodenites are bitching & recommending other sales on the FB page. Johnny B - Off with your Head!

abdnhiker Wed 08-Dec-10 19:46:01

I thought your meant revolting as in disgusting rather than a revolution!

dexter73 Wed 08-Dec-10 19:47:11

I cannot understand why people get their knickers in such a twist over the Boden Sale!

bunnymother Wed 08-Dec-10 19:48:07

Me too, and while am no fan of Boden, thought that was a bit harsh. A Boden Revolution does sound v funny though.

NinkyNonker Wed 08-Dec-10 20:13:35

Oh yes, polka dots at dawn!

Housewife2010 Wed 08-Dec-10 20:29:31

All sassy hotchpotchers to the ready!

Meggles76 Wed 08-Dec-10 20:55:09

grin. Having browsed the site, there is hardly anything left that is worth having anyway!

Gotabookaboutit Wed 08-Dec-10 21:05:04

was there much to start with?

littledolly Thu 09-Dec-10 08:59:53

I think it is hilarious! Normally they are completely against any other brand - lots of them tend to buy the whole collection each season. Maybe it's just me, but that's a little beyond comprehension confused.

There are a few things I might like if they have them in my size in the sale, but in the last few days there has been enough drama on the Boden facebook page to rival Corrie!

Himalaya Thu 09-Dec-10 09:09:42

Good grief. I just bought some pyjamas there for the first time (because all the pyjamas on the high st for boys are so UGLY - why do retailers think that all parents of boys want to dress them in PJs with slogans all over them about how horrible boys are..?) It did feel a bit like being initiated into a weird cult. Not going to start wearing the overpriced dippy clothes myself though.

ThinneverVetch Thu 09-Dec-10 12:08:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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