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What tights/footwear with this dress?

(2 Posts)
NinkyNonker Tue 07-Dec-10 21:30:40

Hi there!
I have this dress, which is much nicer than it looks...but not sure on what colour tights to wear, what footwear etc. It is a medium grey colour, with cream and pinky spots. I don't work and am not really a heel type person, so am really confused what type of thing to wear with it! I tend to wear flat brown leather boots day-to-day, but not sure they would go with the dress.

I have a multitude of different coloured tights, but don't think grey, navy etc would go.

Any inspiration?!

FiveOrangePips Wed 08-Dec-10 12:43:36

Brown tights with your flat brown boots, a long cardigan too.

I have a Joules dress I have never worn, it makes me look like a child who has tried on her mum's dress, I am short/it is too long - I kept the dress because I thought I would get it taken up, really should put it on eBay.

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