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Warm stylish coats for men

(3 Posts)
OldAndUngraceful Tue 07-Dec-10 10:13:55

Hi everyone. I would like to give my DH a coat for Christmas and I would like it to be very warm and as stylish as possible so that he can wear it with jeans, suits and chinos. In terms of look, I love traditional Reefer Jackets or Pea Coats, I just wonder if they'll be warm enough for the winter we're facing. Budget is around £300. Ideal colour would be navy. My husband is tall and gangly and has a tendency to look scruffy grin. Any suggestions would be most welcome, specially if you (or rather your DHs) have first hand experience of them. Cheers all!

OldAndUngraceful Tue 07-Dec-10 12:05:51


scotgirl Tue 07-Dec-10 19:54:25

My husband bought a really nice coat today in Debenhams - Jeff Banks. He got a grey double breasted herringbone one (sorry not on website). It is smart but casual. He is tall and coats are a problem for him as he has a long body. This is mid-lenght and very nice. Was £135 but with 20% off.

They also had a nice pea coat for around the £100 mark. It was black though.

He also tried this one on in Jagear but it was too short in the body.

If he is tall I would maybe think mid-lenght then you know it will fit.

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