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Boden Funky Tunic - what will it go with?

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DizziDani Mon 06-Dec-10 21:47:24

Hello and HELP!
Want to buy the Boden Funky tunic in the aubergine with the funky orange and pink pattern on the front - it looks lovely but being a trouser wearing frump have no idea what it will go with? Will one of the stylish mummies out there please tell me what it would go with ... I need leg covering and including shoes? (my daughter wears trousers only and my best friend pointed out that I'm probably not the best role model for skirts, leggings, dresses etc) hmm

theyseekhimhere Mon 06-Dec-10 22:22:55

this one

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Mon 06-Dec-10 22:27:23

Hmmm... I've got one of their tunics but a different design (sort of mad flowers on blue) and I wear it with leggings and knee high boots (patent or matt depending on my mood). That said, I thought I looked great in it but a recent photo has made me question myself. I'm only 5'5" and a size 12 though so perhaps not the ideal shape for this kind of look?

DizziDani Mon 06-Dec-10 22:35:19

Oh dear. I'm size 12 and 5'4". Hmm. Will refer back to boden catalogue for some clues. Mind you their models are probably closer to 6' - and they are pretty slim too. will have to think about returning maybe.

JingleBelleDameSansMerci Mon 06-Dec-10 22:45:56

I think, if you have good legs, it'd be a good look. I do not have good legs. They are somewhat "sturdy"...

polyhymnia Tue 07-Dec-10 09:10:01

I have the 'funky' tunic but the blue version which is less funky IYSWIM. Getting lots of wear out of it. I wear it with skinny jeans and boots, both short and long. also with some black treggings. Would wear it with skinny jeans and interesting flat shoes too if it were warmer. When it's really cold, as now, have a grey long-sleeved thermal top which goes well under it.

polyhymnia Tue 07-Dec-10 14:25:36

PS - If you're still thinking about it, forgot to say I'm 5'9''. But this comes up pretty long and, if I were 5'4'' pretty sure I'd wear it with woolly tights and boots.

DizziDani Thu 16-Dec-10 22:10:13

Thanks guys. Still pondering! Never ordered from boden b4 but they give you 3 months to return!! wow. I think i'll try skinny jeans and tights with flats and boots - not all together though! Merry Crimble. wink

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Fri 17-Dec-10 09:46:09

They don't give you 3 months if it's sale time (not if you want your money back anyway)

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