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perfume, in round blue bottle

(20 Posts)
southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 16:21:20

think it was navy blue, does anyone know what it can be? tried some and really like it but didn't look at name :S

was in debenhams

southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 16:22:59

wasn't britney btw grin

colditz Sat 04-Dec-10 16:23:25

Clarins do one.

Bishoplyn Sat 04-Dec-10 16:26:40

I remember one years ago Sun, Moon and Stars but don't think its available any more

Louii Sat 04-Dec-10 16:27:47

Coolwater for woman

southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 16:31:17

don't think its any of them and can't see anything on websites! really annoying will have to go back

LittleFriendSusan Sat 04-Dec-10 18:23:40

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean? Not quite round or navy, but it's blue!
this one

LittleFriendSusan Sat 04-Dec-10 18:28:32

Ooh, or was it Midnight Poison?

VivaLeBeaver Sat 04-Dec-10 18:39:29

purple rather than blue


LittleFriendSusan Sat 04-Dec-10 19:01:25

paco rabanne ultraviolet

Panzee Sat 04-Dec-10 19:20:46

Kate Moss Velvet Hour?

southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 20:12:43

none of those either, thanks for trying though

Panzee Sat 04-Dec-10 20:14:43

You should buy them all anyway. One of them might be nicer!

southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 20:17:01


CaptainKirksNipples Sat 04-Dec-10 20:21:24

Any more clues, I work in fragrance?

southeastastra Sat 04-Dec-10 20:33:54

i think i'm going to have to go back to the shop and find out, maybe got something wrong but i was sure i would find it online. gah

exhaustednurse Sun 05-Dec-10 07:05:51

Was it this

mippy Sun 05-Dec-10 11:29:58

I thought Sun Moon Stars too! The first perfume I ever bought (next was Chanson D'Air)

JulesJules Sun 05-Dec-10 11:39:41

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean?

Are you sure it wasn't the Britney one grin

JulesJules Sun 05-Dec-10 11:46:19

Oh sorry, someone already suggested that Eliz Arden one. Apparently inspired by the love Catherine Zeta Jones has for cash the Med.

Thierry Mugler Alien? Although it's more of a purple?

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