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Here is a coat that will keep you warm and dry!

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VerityBrulee Sat 04-Dec-10 10:24:03

Now, I warn you, it is not a thing of beauty, but I am very impressed with my Landsend Stadium Squall

I got it in spring, half price in the sale, thought it would be useful to have in the wardrobe. When it started to snow a week ago, I was a bit reluctant, for fear of looking like Mrs Claus (I have the red). However, I have been toasty warm. It is really lightweight and utterly waterproof (unlike that Boden coat I had where the rain came in at the seams). Lots of pockets, inside and out, and adjustable cuffs, so no draughty wrists. And it's still in stock smile

SoupDragon Sat 04-Dec-10 10:27:12

tempting, but it doesn't say it has taped seams.

VerityBrulee Sat 04-Dec-10 10:29:40

Was in a blizzard in it on Wed whan I went for bread and milk and was bone dry on return.

I don't work for Landsend, promise wink

SoupDragon Sat 04-Dec-10 10:41:06

Snow and rain are different though. Obviously.... I mean in so far as how waterproof a coat is I have been in far too many torrential downpours at school run time (they are always at 3pm!)

sleepwhenidie Sat 04-Dec-10 10:50:32

should this really be in style and beauty though hmm?

SoupDragon Sat 04-Dec-10 12:03:04

Until there is a topic called Practical and Unattractive, yes.

FiveOrangePips Sat 04-Dec-10 12:23:11

My winter coat falls into the practical and a little dull bracket, it is absolutely waterproof and amazingly warm - worn through last years bitterly cold winter. merrell haven.

Littlepumpkinpie Sat 04-Dec-10 13:00:37

I second the Haven I just love mine

Doyouthinktheysaurus Sat 04-Dec-10 13:02:35

I tried that coat but it came up really big. Could have fit the ds's in toogrin

I just got one of Lands End's duvet coats. it's not as long as I would have liked, finishes just below bum rather than knee length but it's toasty warm and has a really nice shape.

Eglu Sat 04-Dec-10 13:05:35

How waterproof are the duvet coats from Lands End? I was looking at those. I want a knee length one for the school run.

Mumsnut Sat 04-Dec-10 13:27:29

The ones with the 'dri-off' finsih are good in rain, Eglu.

I looked for a stylish one last year; got sent a faulty one by Timberland who couldn't supply a replacement, and sent off for a Land's End one without any sense of anticipation or pleasure at all. But it has been warm, dry, washable - all I could want. And since my school run resembles the Somme, a big dog tows me through brambles when she spots a rabbit/bird/earwig, and dd leaves foot and snot prints on it when I pick her up, I am glad reaslly not to have something more precious.

I don't look good but I don't care in this weather.

Eglu Sat 04-Dec-10 17:21:41

Thanks Mumsnut, thats really helpful. DH thinks they are awful. I told him I don't care if I look like a michelin man or whatever, I want to be warm and dry on the school run.

Berk Sun 05-Dec-10 11:55:07

I just ordered the old style squall parka-£59.50, bargain!

lucykate Sun 05-Dec-10 12:04:03

i have the lands end squall, and it is very warm, rain just slides off it. not the most stylish of coats but tbh, i don't care, just want to be warm and dry walking to and from school. mine's brown and dh says i look like a walking compost bin in it. i live right by the lands end factory shop though, all the catalogue returns end up there and sold on at really low prices. mine cost me £28, zip was a bit sticky but i fixed it with a pair of scissors.

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