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Party dress I can bf in

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randomama Sat 04-Dec-10 00:49:43

I'm going to a glamorous party next weekend. many beautiful people I know will be there, they are all generally more glam than me. Although I'm scruffy day to day (am very scruffy, and a bit eccentric looking - not consciously eccentric but as I get older and have moved to sticks I'm increasingly aware of how fucked up I look sometimes) I used to be able to really pull it out of the bag for a party but since I had my 2nd DC 5 months ago I've really let myself go and completely lost my mojo. I feel fat, my face looks fat. I used to be a 10 but am now more 14-16. Massive boobs and constantly bfing (baby coming to party too). Legs are OK but arms are hideously flabby. Big hips and thighs and, since my c-section, a bit of a lumpy tummy.

Can anyone help me find a dress that'll make me look and feel hot to trot? please???

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