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Stylish BF-friendly cocktail wedding reception outfit needed - please help!

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dairymoo Tue 30-Nov-10 21:22:01

I am going to a wedding in two weeks time and desperately need something to wear that is compatible with possible frequent breastfeeding (DD will be 5 weeks, and sometimes goes 3 hours between feeds, but is often hourly, hence need a lot of boob access).

I am 5'6", slim (size 10 at the moment), blond, fair-skinned and I'd like to think fairly stylish. Normal day to day attire is skinny jeans, biker boots, skinny top layered with vest and chunky knit, scarf and beanie.

I'd like to wear something along the lines of a blouse (perhaps with peter pan collar?), a skirt and heels, but am struggling to find anything that fits the bill. Normally I am completely flat chested but I'm aware that perhaps I should be making the most of my current cleavage!

Other guests will be trendy types so please no suggestions of wrap dress grin. TIA!

MrsTedHughes Tue 30-Nov-10 21:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsTedHughes Tue 30-Nov-10 21:29:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dairymoo Thu 02-Dec-10 21:04:27

Thanks for the suggestions but I'm trying to veer away from specialist nursing clothing if possible. would rather have something that I can wear again in the future without needing boob access! grin

Icoulddoitbetter Thu 02-Dec-10 21:55:34

I wore this

and have one of these

Obviously depends on the type of person you are re; the style, but I wore the first dress to a wedding and was able to pop my boobs out fairly easily! I have the second type which looks very cool with the right heels, and has a button down front so again easy access.

Apologies if you find the fifties styling a bit twee!

tethersjinglebellend Thu 02-Dec-10 21:59:39

Do you need a blouse which buttons up the front, or are you ok to lift it to bf?

tethersjinglebellend Thu 02-Dec-10 22:04:34

What's your budget?

tethersjinglebellend Thu 02-Dec-10 22:14:56

button through dress

dairymoo Fri 03-Dec-10 19:36:13

Thanks for the suggestions Icoulddoitbetter but I'm not such a fan of 50s styling, but great site if you are!

tethersjinglebellend - probably around £100 - £150 for top and skirt, and I'm happy to hoik up top, probably easier actually. But buttons fine too. Like All Saints stuff but my waist is not my best point and so things that draw in tightly at the waist don't always fit me very well.

On the right track though...

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