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foot eating fish treatment

(9 Posts)
pud1 Mon 29-Nov-10 17:35:59

was in te trafford centre today and they have a shop that just has loads of tanks of fish that eat the dead skin off your feet. i have heard of this before but never seen it. was only 10 quid. has any one tried it

TinselinaBumSquash Mon 29-Nov-10 17:38:40

That sounds like all of my nightmares coming true... bleugh <vom>

pud1 Mon 29-Nov-10 17:41:28

it was not the fi that put me off but how many other feet have been in the tank. it did have a water pump but it did not make me faal better

blametheparents Mon 29-Nov-10 17:42:06

I really want to have that done, there is a place near me that has just started doing it.
I must get round to booking it.

fearnelinen Mon 29-Nov-10 17:45:13

I've done it - twas lush!
Although then I came home and googled it and discovered all the people that are trying to ban it on the grounds of hygiene and animal cruelty.
On balance, it wasn't a good enough treatment to push all those other 'issues' out of my mind. I did really enjoy it though - DSis hated it and got all squirmy.

Tetherbumfit Mon 29-Nov-10 17:48:07

Message withdrawn

kaiserfootmuff Mon 29-Nov-10 17:49:10

money for old rope imo

fearnelinen Mon 29-Nov-10 17:50:16

It's just like being tickled under water, doesn't hurt at all. They don't bite at you, they just suck the skin off. I have to say, for it to be really effective, you need to do it 2-3 time a week for at least 30 minutes.

pud1 Mon 29-Nov-10 17:51:16

gonna stick my big toe in the goldfish bowl

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