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Peony and Moore Handbags

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batsforlashes Mon 29-Nov-10 09:18:55


Am just about to order one of these bags and wanted to check if they are as stunning in real life as they appear on the website. If you have one could you let me know - Is the purple colour on the website a good reflection of the actual colour ? Also is the large bag huge and should I consider the medium. The bag will be an everyday mummy bag ( may double as a baby bag ) . I know some people have mentioned the strap not being very long but I am only 5'3 so it should be ok.


b x

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 29-Nov-10 09:56:21

i've bought from them, link the bag you like....

batsforlashes Mon 29-Nov-10 10:17:12 ucts_id=97

Thanks MQ.

Have to say their customer service has left me seriously impressed. I emailed them yesterday to query an international delivery charge that came up at the checkout. They replied back straight away, went away and came back to me later with an alternative option for the delivery which was almost half the original cost. The second mail came in at 7.30pm last night. Superb service I think...

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 29-Nov-10 10:33:22

bats there was a gap in your link, is it this one?


looks gorgeous it it is, I bought a similar one in calf hair about a month ago..this one


it is big, but it carrys all my stuff for a day out with the kids, nappies/wipes etc, plus has a small zip pocket for keys/makeup. It also fits my laptop in it when I need it too, which I thought the smaller one wouldn't. The shoulder strap is plenty big enough, but to be honest I use the long strap across the body so i'm hands free.

The colour of mine was spot on when it came, so I can only assume the purple will be the same??

I also used it yesterday to go to a spa day and packed my swimmies/washbag in it - I lurve it!

batsforlashes Mon 29-Nov-10 10:42:48

That's the one !

Thanks MQ- very excited now to wear it along with my new parka ( just need to get this baby out of my tummy ) so I will have room for the bag across my body !

strictlysauvignon Mon 29-Nov-10 10:50:35

I bought the Evelina in Pino Green in medium -- in the summer. It is a smallish medium everyday bag - great for carrying normal stuff - but not so sure if you have a baby and all that goes with it.! The strap is long when fully entended. Great bags!!

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 29-Nov-10 11:52:11

Ha Ha bats, is it a christmas baby??

batsforlashes Mon 29-Nov-10 12:36:08

No it's an anytime now baby according to
My obs this morning - no 3 but still slightly freaked out.
Off to the childbirth forum now to analyse current twinges!

Bishoplyn Mon 29-Nov-10 13:58:47

I bought the silver leather oversize clutch in the summer after seeing a link on here.

Love it and have had so many compliments.

Good luck with your impending arrival smile

strictlysauvignon Mon 29-Nov-10 17:46:45

So have I Bishoplyn!! - they are very distinctive bags and lots of people have admired mine too !-- good luck Bats - hope all goes well for you grin-- with 3 children you would need the large bag!!

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 29-Nov-10 18:15:41

OMG good luck Bats...breath slowly....I love the fact you are passing time waiting by online shopping for bags! Well done you!smile

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