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Help with shoes to wear with 1920s style velvet flapper dress?

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Sariska Sun 28-Nov-10 22:39:19

I have bought this to wear to a wedding in December. It's olive green with a bronzey trim to the hem. I have a sparkly gold cardy (and a big coat) that I can wear over the top but am at a loss as to shoes. (Am frankly rubbish at shoe shopping.) Can anyone help, please? Price is flexible but less is probably best as I've spent rather a lot recently blush.

Any bag ideas also welcome, even though I will mostly be accessorising with a changing bag.

domesticslattern Sun 28-Nov-10 22:48:25

Surprisingly I quite like the footwear which the model is wearing. Would be tempted to look for a plainer version of them.

Alternatively, go flapper style and get them dyed to match? Some nice twenties style shoes with a button and strap here. (Sorry you have to scroll through to see them).

But to be honest you probably want something more modern than looking twenties head-to-toe?

Cyb Sun 28-Nov-10 22:49:21

I woudl go for some ball room type shoes IYSWIM

Office usully do nice ones, in metallics

EthelredOnAGoodDay Sun 28-Nov-10 22:51:07

i would say lowish heel shoes with a t-bar or mary janes? But as domesticslattern said above, might be a bit too 20's??

Cyb Sun 28-Nov-10 22:55:24

Acually on second thoughts I think the shoe boot style worn by the model makes the dress more modern

Sariska Sun 28-Nov-10 23:19:32

Ooh, thanks for your thoughts - and so quickly too smile. I did wonder about Mary Janes or similar but, no, am not too keen on looking like I've stepped out of a time warp. However, I have to admit I am liking the idea of something with a strap and button fastening in a metallic shade. Will check out Office and domesticslattern's link to see if there is anything not too time warpish. Will also think about shoe boots as I like them v. much and would probably get much more use long term out of a pair of them.

tethersjinglebellend Mon 29-Nov-10 11:46:05

These would be lovely... as would these or these.

Oooh, so would these

EWeatherwax Mon 29-Nov-10 12:15:48

Super dress - I personally would go modern - but maybe not as clompy as the models.

domesticslattern Mon 29-Nov-10 13:53:36

or these in black velvet. Quite sensible ish.

these come in bronze.

Sariska Tue 30-Nov-10 20:50:27

Sorry, late back to the thread, but thank you for all your suggestions. I like several of the shoes linked to and 4 or 5 other pairs on the Office website. Who knows, maybe I will end up buying more than one pair!

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