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Help me find a new satchel type handbag preferable dark brown or tan

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MarketingMania Sun 28-Nov-10 20:50:24

Need to give dh some links on my Xmas pressie


BikeRunSki Sun 28-Nov-10 20:56:31

Cambridge Satchels

Baysmum Sun 28-Nov-10 20:59:21

Toast are doing some this season but not sure what colours - v nice tho x

StayFrosty Sun 28-Nov-10 21:01:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nancy75 Sun 28-Nov-10 21:01:57

this site has nice satchels, but they sell out alot her/leather-satchel-bags/cat_26.html

MarketingMania Sun 28-Nov-10 21:02:16

thanks not keen on the cambridge ones want something a bit softer iykwim? i am a greying 45 yr old and these seem so young and hard

off to google toast ones

AitchTwoOh Sun 28-Nov-10 21:02:35

gap menswear has a very lovely satchel in dark tan at the moment, very bill amberg. (as in, pretty much a blatant rip-off)

MarketingMania Sun 28-Nov-10 21:14:57

Toast - out of my price range

Cant find the gap one oneline

what do you thinl of this one? Double-Pocket-Satchel/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=130 6278&SearchQuery=satchel&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sor t=-1&clr=DarkMink

AitchTwoOh Sun 28-Nov-10 21:19:06

no, neither could i. you will just have to tell him to go into the shoooooooop. ;-D

fitflopqueen Sun 28-Nov-10 22:21:23

clarks had a nice one online

PenguinNZ Mon 29-Nov-10 04:58:01

I got a lovely brown one online last October and it is still fantastic - cost about £80. I can't find the company though! The name inside the bag is South, but the company was the one that Fern Cotton and Holly Willoughby were modelling and maybe even designing for last Xmas.

Can anyone help with the name? If not, sorry for the useless post...

PenguinNZ Mon 29-Nov-10 05:08:13

It was and nothing even vaguely similar is on there. In fact their stuff looks cheap and nasty. Sorry.

Topshop? atalogNavigationSearchResultCmd?langId=-1&storeId= 12556&catalogId=33057&beginIndex=1&viewAllFlag=fal se&pageSize=20&searchTermScope=3&searchTermOperato r=LIKE&searchType=ALL&sort_field=Relevance&searchT erm=satchel

Maryqueenofchocs Mon 29-Nov-10 07:59:52



john lewis one


tethersjinglebellend Mon 29-Nov-10 11:29:01

I just got this and it's beautiful, really soft leather. Use code BAGSXMAS and you get 25% off too smile

Gillybobs Mon 29-Nov-10 13:15:49

Sorry, cant get a link sorted but M&S have a cracker, "Autograph Leather Double Buckle Satchel", £69.

MarketingMania Mon 29-Nov-10 17:44:25

excellent thansk everyone

the Autograph one looks perfect thank you

link sent to DH!

moragbellingham Mon 29-Nov-10 21:36:01

Fossil satchels- all 30 of them! Although not quite sure why some are called satchelshmm. I like the ginger one in brown.

moragbellingham Mon 29-Nov-10 21:41:14

I have a dark brown sasha.

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