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Help with perfume buying please.

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agedknees Sun 28-Nov-10 14:37:31

Usually buy mil (87) a sweater etc for xmas. However, this year she has asked for perfume. She likes lilac stuff (florals).

Anyone know of a nice perfume for an older lady? Budget up to £50.

Any help appreciated.

missmartha Sun 28-Nov-10 15:24:58

Paris by YSL is lovely and floral and should come in well within budget.

There are so many really, Daisy by Marc Jacob and some of Jo Malone's, though not sure of the price for JM;s stuff.

I always think of Yardley when I think of women in their eighties, but that's naughty of me.

JustDoMyLippyThenWeWillGo Sun 28-Nov-10 15:38:37

L'Air Du Temps, by Nina Ricci. A classic.

snowybaby Sun 28-Nov-10 16:46:37

How about any perfume by penhaligons.

catinthehat2 Sun 28-Nov-10 16:52:50

Diorissimo - (v lily of the valley).

Been around for years, very likeable, it will probably ring a few favourable bells with an elderly lady.

moragbellingham Sun 28-Nov-10 17:33:02

Jo Malone is about £30 for small bottle but I couldn't think of any for an older lady in her range.

Chloe - the original one?

Paris is nice and definitely floral (rose) and I used to wear ithmm


polyhymnia Sun 28-Nov-10 18:10:38

I personally would never buy perfume for someone else unless I knew exactly the brand they liked - it's too risky. Perfume is such a personal thing and can smell so different on different people - can actually smell different as you get older, I think.

Having said all that, she's asked for perfume. Can you discover what she wears now? Failing that, I'd have thought Aqua de Parma is about as inoffensive as it's possible to get, though it's not floral.

I know the Sisley perfumes pretty well - love Sisley 1 and 2 and the Eau de Campagne - but they're very much my own style - citrussy and green, not floral. Sisley 3 might be worth checking out.

animula Sun 28-Nov-10 19:15:42

Can I second Penhaligon's or Diorissima?

Is there any way you can find out what she used to wear when she was younger? Scents are incredibly evocative, and if you could find something from her younger days, that would be pretty fab.

Somebody on here once linked to a parma violets scent, available over the internet ... .

mosschops30 Sun 28-Nov-10 19:17:09

Tweed grin


sfxmum Sun 28-Nov-10 19:20:13

Jo Malone Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint Cologne is quite floral classic smell

otherwise I think Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum v. floral
YSL Paris D'yves Saint Laurent

none my thing perfume is so personal

shodatin Mon 29-Nov-10 00:13:46

Floris does Syringa (Lilac!) starts under £40

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