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Ideas for 42 year old's night out please!

(4 Posts)
Go Sat 27-Nov-10 21:35:08

So, me and DH are having a rare night away in a slightly boho but still quite posh hotel. It will involve dinner (among other things wink) so I'm looking for what to wear. I don't often get the chance to dress up, so would like to be in a skirt/dress but it can't be too dressy, as as I said, it's a bit boho. Ideally, I'd like to wear a long skirt with floral DMs or a knee length dress but then would need to find suitable footwear. Am a size 16 top/14 bottom, better suited to square or scoop necklines. Any suggestions as to styles/colours/shoes most welcome.

Also, please feel free to add any mutton dressed as lamb comments regarding the wearing of DMs by the elderly grin.

Clure Sat 27-Nov-10 21:48:23

excellent, loving the Dm's. Can I recommend this website? I have one of their tea dresses, totally gorgeous (I'm 43 btw) get cutie

BelligerentGhoul Sat 27-Nov-10 21:51:38

I'd say no to the DMs. I do like them but I do think they can look a bit 'aged goth' if you're not careful and they are most deffo not posh or Outfordinner-ish.

How about a fifties shaped dress with opaques and shoeboots? Or go a bit Forties-ish with a fitted dress and seamed stockings?

Silkstalkings Sun 28-Nov-10 09:11:41

Primark are doing some boots you might like at the mo.

What's your budget for the dress? If you don't get out much I would go for a showstopper dress that you can scruff down and wear everyday - faded glamour iyswim. Eg I have a little mini cocktail dress in cherry print from Uttam that I now wear over jeans with boots and a long-sleeved shrug. Looks like you've made an effort for the schoolrun but it's still informal enough.

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