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Help me choose from these 4 christmas cocktail dress!!

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SevernTrentWater Thu 25-Nov-10 22:17:27

Which do you think is best, i'm in my mid twenties so can wear younger styles, and want something classy. Silver handbag and jewellery to match, theme for the party is 'silver'. 188e722_m.jpg 1d77a9c_m.jpg d5b9b66_m.jpg

Not sure about this: a6c81f1_m.jpg

SevernTrentWater Thu 25-Nov-10 22:21:43

sorry! here are hyperlinks




Not sure about this:

MaudOHara Thu 25-Nov-10 22:41:12

Your pics are unavailable

SevernTrentWater Thu 25-Nov-10 23:04:40

sorry, hopefully this will work

SevernTrentWater Thu 25-Nov-10 23:05:38

yes, definitly working

katiepotatie Thu 25-Nov-10 23:07:02

I like the last on the best

Sanesometimes1 Thu 25-Nov-10 23:08:24

2nd one - black one shoulder is lovely.

PonderStibbonsandHex Thu 25-Nov-10 23:10:52

3rd one, without a doubt.

darksideofthemooncup Thu 25-Nov-10 23:12:52

I like the last one

IloveBafanaBafana Thu 25-Nov-10 23:13:26

3rd one is the best imo

TrailMix Thu 25-Nov-10 23:14:32

Another vote for Dress 4.

TheNextMrsDepp Fri 26-Nov-10 00:05:11

The last one is the nicest. I can't bear one-shoulder things (irrational I know).

whoneedssleepanyway Fri 26-Nov-10 07:36:49

I think I like the second or fourth.

If the theme is silver why not a silvery dress? Something like this I always think Planet is a bit old but this does look really nice and is classic as well which you mentioned.

DrNortherner Fri 26-Nov-10 07:43:33

I think you should go for number 2, it's gorgeous, and you are young so it's totally the most appropriate.

The others are nice, but a bit, safe in my opinion.

cyclist Fri 26-Nov-10 08:51:14

No 2

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