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rocket dog boots like uggs but nicer and cheaper?

(3 Posts)
HotchpotchHoney Wed 24-Nov-10 21:37:59

someone on here linked me to some rocket dog boots, they had toggles on the side but were zip up, with a thicker rubber sole than uggs and so better for watching my boys play football and for the snow.
But stupidly i lost the link, and these were only £35ish, searched ebay etc and can only find them for about £50 in a size 8. anyone any ideas? they need to be low ones and not knee high as want easy to slip off in the car as will only be worn for wathcing football/rugby and maybe dog walking. as i really am not a casual wear kind of person.

KangarooCaught Wed 24-Nov-10 21:41:21

RDs are smaller in size than Uggs, when I tried them & most reviewers had to go up a size...but I'll be interested in that link!

exexpat Wed 24-Nov-10 21:52:44

Saw some Rocket Dog ones fitting that description in a branch of TK Maxx a week or two ago - worth a try if you have a branch near you? Though I would guess the chances of them having sold out by now would be pretty high with this kind of weather.

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