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help me find a maternity dress for xmas

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irishqueen Wed 24-Nov-10 16:25:47

Im nomally a 10, 5 foot 3 and wil be 30 weeks up duff at xmas. I really want long sleeves (oh and im a redhead)

Its just for family things and maternity clothes are gash!

Do your best oh stylish ones!
I also like cheap lol

Igglybuff Wed 24-Nov-10 16:28:53

Have you tried asos? Great stuff and cheap too. I'm on my phone so cant link to anything.

What length? Low cut? Colours you like?

minibmw2010 Wed 24-Nov-10 16:31:34

My sister in law (who is 24 weeks at the moment) ordered this, could look lovely with your colouring?

Asos dress

I'm on 12 weeks at the moment so am really struggling as normal clothes don't fit comfortably, but maternity are all huge .. and just going one normal size up doesn't seem to work as they sit wrong on my tummy, sigh ... any ideas from anyone?

FerminaUrbinoDaza Wed 24-Nov-10 16:43:44

Are you a red or a green redhead (IYSWIM)?

this is rather nice, they have it in black too mut this is much nicer IMHO.

This might be OK if your small of nork

Long sleeved seems hard to find... They had an OK teal one in mothercare but it didn't have long sleeves.

Igglybuff Wed 24-Nov-10 16:47:25

mini at that stage I wore trousers and used a hairband looped around to hold them up. Got a few cheap t-shirts from Dorothy perkins' tall section which were long enough to cover my trouser waist. Then moved onto maternity wrap dresses and a skirt a size too big with the long tops. Then I got big!

irishqueen Wed 24-Nov-10 16:53:22

im a green redhead (aka strawberry blonde)
not small of nork 34dd and growing.
liked this in asos but dot nomally wear blue?
purely cos of my green obsession.
Whatya think?


nancydrewrocked Wed 24-Nov-10 17:03:33

Oooh Irishqueen you sound a bit like me I am 25 weeks (4th baby so big bump) 5'3" usually a size 10 and 34E.

I just ordered the bellsleeve dress from ASOS - was rubbish - way too long on me and not shape so just look like a fat blob in a tent. Miserable.

I have ordered this as well (not yet arrived) which I am hoping will be better. At my height I think clinging under the bump works better IYKWIM


I also ordered this next which was disappointing and I am now thinking about this which is from mothercare shock

best of bad bunch

Not terrible helpful but let me know if you find anything.

FerminaUrbinoDaza Wed 24-Nov-10 17:05:14

Nice enough but neckline too high for anything but the most petite bust.

Will have another look later when the DC are in bed, if you're not sorted by then smile

irishqueen Wed 24-Nov-10 17:06:30

nancydrew the quest continues
this is numero 3 for me lol so yup big bump but neat

EvaLongoria Wed 24-Nov-10 21:41:21

what about this. I am 23 weeks and I am buying this one

nancydrewrocked Wed 24-Nov-10 22:32:07

Eva I like that one - particularly the way it clings under the bump. I think for me being 5'3" I need that so as too emphasise the neat (albeit big!) bump otherwise I can look a bit frumpy.

I do really want something with long sleeves though - Kate Middletons engagement dress in maternity would be perfect smile

tethersend Wed 24-Nov-10 23:05:16

Just press the fuck it button and get this. I have it in black and it's lovely- can be worn when not pg (I'm not) too. Or this if you want blue.

It's Christmas and you're growing a baby. You deserve it.

tethersend Wed 24-Nov-10 23:08:40

This is nice too.

wubblybubbly Wed 24-Nov-10 23:51:23

This is lovely, but £95 and not sure how it work with your colouring, although they also do it in blue?

Some lovely dresses on that site, but they are a bit pricey.

Quite like this one too, although it's black.

Also this which also works for breastfeeding but only in red...?

nancydrewrocked Thu 25-Nov-10 09:54:07

tethers I love that seraphine one - think I might order it now. I also like the IO one but am worried it would swamp me lengthwise.

Anyway I got my second ASOS deliver this morning and thought I'd update:

red 3/4 sleeve Is actually pretty good. My norks aren't subtle in it but hey it's christmas and for £20 I am deffo keeping it.

I also have these two

maxi dress&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Print chiffon maxi dress which is great as I am overseas for Christmas and so will wear it for lunch with flip flops but it would be equally be great with heels for New Years.

very cute maybe not suitable for winter but is super flattering and only £15

Will also mention this bra maternity bra&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Navy fab I ordered this in 34E and it actually fits and is comfortable and looks pretty. Buy it!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 25-Nov-10 10:00:42

I'm in a rush so I can't do links, but look on Asos at the Mamalicious stuff. I've bought 2 dresses from them and they are both lovely, not the normal boring wrap dress. The necklines are good for big norks - I'm a 38G and still growing hmm and they are low enough to flatter but don't show acres of cleavage.

EvaLongoria Sun 28-Nov-10 22:26:26

Nancy yes I know looks lush doesnt it. We going to be at my inlaws and their place always get super hot. Will try and get a lovely coat for outside.

I am huge though at 24 weeks and think that might look really nice with my size.

I also love the red 3/4 sleeve one.

daffyd Mon 29-Nov-10 21:26:42

hi to add to your post, just seen it, i bought some stuff from asos, which was easypeasy!
I kep this, which is lovely, party wear and can wear with opaques and sparkly shoes Belted-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1251254&cid= 6413&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=-1&sort=-1&clr=Black
I tried this on but my shouldres too big, but loved fit and colour otherwise ront-Empire-Dress/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1192287 &cid=6413&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=-1&sort=-1&clr=Purple
And finally bought this and waiting for it to arrive in scarlet red! ternity-dresses/DR060.html
However tried the isabella oliver one shoudler dress and was told I looked like sausage!! Boohoo! Asos are brilliant and very quick with delivery and free returns , so order a few and try them on.

HappyHugs Wed 01-Dec-10 13:39:12

On the expensive side, but cheaper than Isabella Oliver, check the dresses here out. There's loads of lovely ones as seen on Denise Van Outen and Mylene Klass. .html

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