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Please enter a valid email address I am wearing a hair piece....seriously :)

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LaurieScaryCake Wed 24-Nov-10 16:10:18

blush grin

It was the Todays Special Value on Qvc a few days ago here

It's amazing - I'm only wearing the thick one, in a medium/lowish ponytail and it looks like a have beautiful thick hair casually slung at the back of my head.

Really good colour on me too, I got the medium brown which has 8 different colours in it so it blends totally with my hair.

I met a friend for lunch and she said I looked a bit 'glam'.

superv1xen Wed 24-Nov-10 16:34:05

omg i had one similar to that a few years ago mine was longer though blush

i think you need to post a pic so we can judge for ourselves.... wink

MaudOHara Wed 24-Nov-10 17:02:19

I have two friends that wear them and look fab - just looks like they've got their hair in a loose french twisty type thing.

tethersend Wed 24-Nov-10 17:57:27

I'd love a hairpiece, but have ginger hair. I have never been able to find one.

LaurieFairyonthetreeEatsCake Wed 24-Nov-10 18:08:37

Any chance you have blonde highlights tethersend? cos if so they have various hairpieces in red/blonde.

I've uploaded a picture of the back of my head (not easy to do) grin

tethersend Wed 24-Nov-10 18:15:14

No blonde highlights, no. Ah well. If you ever see any, think of me.

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