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Help, I need a tunic, not a potato sack!

(2 Posts)
Chandon Wed 24-Nov-10 14:59:45

Have been looking for tunics high and low, but have only found potato sacks.

Some, like White company ones, look nice in the photo and are just straight up and down when you get them home, so no good.

I would like to find a tunic with a bit of shape. I am 6 ft, and if I wear a shapeless sack all my curves, and waist, disappear.

So something flattering, yet not tight. But that seems too much to ask...I HATE fashion, it always seems wrong for me

Have given up hope...


or does anyone know of any?

ptiger Wed 24-Nov-10 20:31:30

Have you ever looked at QVC, they sell lots of tunics of various styles and you really can order, wear for days and if its not right send it back no problem. prints, asymmetric designs, short, long and various prices.

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