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What's missing from my capsule wardrobe?

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DontMentionChorizo Wed 24-Nov-10 10:42:47


Style mavens, I am putting together a capsule wardrobe and would appreciate your helpsmile.

This is the brief: I am in Spain and will be here until end of Dec, then relocating to hot country in Jan.

I don't want to spend loads on winter stuff, and I think the bits I already have will see me through. This is my outerwear:

- Fitted black coat
- Black cape from ZARA
- Beige mac from GAP
- Dark grey puffa jacket
- Dark purple wool peacoat
- Knee high black boots from ZARA (flat, sort of riding boot).
- Knee high chocolate brown boots (high heeled from Topshop.
- 1 pair of Converse high tops in dark grey.
- 1 pair of flat, ankle boots (black)


- 1 pair of white skinny jeans (I know some people hate them but I looove them)
- 1 pair of dark blue skinny jeans
- 1 fitted white shirt
- 1 breton top
- 1 above the knee denim skirt
- 1 sleeveless, above the knee, floaty dress for day.
- 1 LBD for evenings
- 2 pairs of thick, black good quality leggins.
- 2 colourful scarves
- 2 chunky cocktail rings
- 1 huge black handbag, 1 grey handbag
- 1 pair of big sunglasses.

I have other bits and bobs and some summer stuff as well as more shoes, so i think that's OK.

So far so good, my problem is tops, I just never seem to buy good tops. At the moment I am surviving on 3 V- necks in dark green, bright pink and one black. I always end up buying tops that are too big for me confused, don't wash well, or fit terribly. I don't want to buy more black, and they can't be too hot (maybe something I can layer?) as they will be no use after december. So please give me some tips on tops to get.

A bit more info about myself: age 37, 5 foot 1, just under 8 st, no DCs (yet)long brown hair cut in layers, good skin, dark caramel complexion. Stuff I don't like: tunics, treggins, jeggins and their ilk,sparkly tops, chunky knitwear, flowery print, anything brown...

I know my choices are not very adventurous, so please feel free to suggest other stuff, also bear in mind I can't shop online and can only buy from: Zara, Mango H&M, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear,(think that's it).

TIA and apologies for long post.

DontMentionChorizo Wed 24-Nov-10 10:55:39

Shameless bump!

trianera Wed 24-Nov-10 11:12:37

Do you have a Lefties near you? They've got some nice boat neck, three quarter length sleeve fitted t-shirts in lots of different colours for a fiver each. They seem to wash ok and you could throw a long line cardigan over them too when it's colder, which would look good with the skinny jeans. Mango have some nice non chunky cardis.

DontMentionChorizo Wed 24-Nov-10 11:27:37

Hola Trianera ( you in Seville, by any chancewink?)

Don't know where Lefties is near me, but will have a look. Those T's sound good. I do like Mango, they have some nice accessories too.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Rannaldini Wed 24-Nov-10 11:36:29

a capsule

trianera Wed 24-Nov-10 11:44:23

I am indeed smile.

here's a list of where there are Lefties, although there are definitely some missing as two of the ones in Seville aren't there.

I wish I was disciplined enough for a capsule wardrobe - mine is bursting!

DontMentionChorizo Wed 24-Nov-10 12:18:04

Thanks Trianera, that's very kind of you.

I am not exactly disciplined. We have to move countries and can't afford to buy stuff I won't be using (limited room and little money).

Thanks again.

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