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Where have all the children's slippers gone?

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BoffinMum Mon 22-Nov-10 09:28:36

Poor DS3 has no slippers and his ickle feet keep getting cold (size 5.5 baby) especially as he has a propensity to escape outside from time to time.

But I find any goddamn slippers in this size within about 50 miles of my house? No.

Or online? No. Clarks won't post out children's slippers. Startrite's site isn't working on the slipper front.

I could order boiled wool slippers that have been hand made by Austrian maidens with little gilded elves on for about £25 but I think that's going a bit far.

Any suggestions? (We have slipper socks btw but they need washing every day).

LooL00 Mon 22-Nov-10 10:00:54

Try amazon or mothercare. Sainsburys do great slippers but only up to size 11 then they turn into mules which are IMHO dangerous.

TheProvincialLady Mon 22-Nov-10 10:03:36

Next online sell children's slippers.

SilverSixpence Mon 22-Nov-10 10:40:27

John Lewis have plenty of nice ones.

hattyyellow Mon 22-Nov-10 10:46:29

Have you tried next? They deliver to home and do a big and reasonably cheap range.

BoffinMum Mon 22-Nov-10 14:21:56

Don't know why I didn't think of that lot.
Will have a look and report back.

BoffinMum Wed 24-Nov-10 21:09:35

DS3 now has a pair of cracking Next slippers (£7) with little trains on. He is so massively proud of them he has developed a special funny walk, putting his toes thoroughly forwards so the public can admire said slippers and comment on the magnificent trains. Thanks folks! grin

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