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Please recommend me a mascara!

(6 Posts)
IWouldNotCouldNotWithAGoat Sun 21-Nov-10 19:36:18

What is your fave mascara?

I find Lancome the best usually, but is there any you have found particularly good?

BelligerentGhoul Sun 21-Nov-10 19:38:31

I've just bought the Lancome one that is caleld Definicils or something. I like it!

Max Factor are usually okay and Clinique. I didn't like the Clarins one I bought and hated the Estee Lasuder free sample I was given.

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 21-Nov-10 19:41:52

I have tried loads of mascaras from expensive to cheap as chips and I can honestly say that my favourite is Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara, it is such good value and really great no clogging good definition...

herbietea Sun 21-Nov-10 19:45:38

Message withdrawn

SDixie Sun 21-Nov-10 19:51:07

L'ancome l'extreme is usually the best for me! Or Benefit BadGal lash mascara.

CrapSuzette Sun 21-Nov-10 19:51:13

Big lancome mascara fan here. Would never wear anything else.

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