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Dresses to breastfeed in?? Help due in few weeks

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clarabellarocks Sun 21-Nov-10 13:57:06

Due to have an elective section in a few weeks and already my maternity jeans are digging in the bottom of my bump so will be a big no no for after my section. Last time with my DD I just wore jeans/trousers and tops to feed in but think dresses would be much more comfy. Obviously not too tight over my tummy as won't want that part highlighting for a few months!!

2greatboysandabump Sun 21-Nov-10 14:34:26

I have never bothered to buy dresses which have been designed specifically to breast feed in. You might find a wrap dress suitable. I always wear a vest under a wrap dress as you can pull the dress to one side and lift the vest up without exposing too much.

For a little while though don't worry about keeping covered up as it can be tricky to get the latch right in the early days, and plenty of skin to skin is good for baby and encourages your milk to come in. You don't want to be faffing about too much in the early days.

I bought a wrap dress in Debenhams last week (25% blue cross sale on at the moment). It's a Mantaray one in a dark grey with swirls on (sorry I can't do links).

Not sure if you usually wear tights with dresses but if so they might press on your scar so bare that in mind.

With DS2 I had a C-section and found stretchy jogging bottoms were the most comfy to start with.

2greatboysandabump Sun 21-Nov-10 14:35:48

Sorry just seen it is your second baby so obviously you know all about skin to skin blush

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