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Help me chose a hair style

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Bumperlicious Sun 21-Nov-10 13:19:18

I don't really want to post a pic of myself so I will try and describe my hair. It is straight, poker straight, no movement in it at all. It just hangs, to sort of boob length at the moment. I dabble with short/long fringe/no fringe so any cut won't be massively drastic. Currently it is looking pretty crap. I made a big mistake with home bleaching about a year and a half ago so I had it chopped short (into a bob) and have been dying it since. The last dye I did was really dark and the dry ends from the bleach have just sucked it up and months on they are till dark.

I fancy a change but not sure whether to take the plunge or not, mainly because I have an 8 week old and am not particularly high maintenance. Mainly a wash and go type person, so I need a low maintenance hair cut. I don't have a fringe at the moment, but not adverse to one, as otherwise my hair tends to just hang in my face, but I have quite a low forehead and with my hair being fine it's never as thick as I would like.

Also, inspired by another thread on here I'm quite tempted to dye it red, not punky red, but something fab.

Can anyone style advise me?

Also the next question will be how the hell do I get a hair cut with a clingy 8 week old?!

FlameGrilledMama Sun 21-Nov-10 13:37:37

I would go for a pixie cut and have some layers brown and some with a warmish red.

e3chick Sun 21-Nov-10 13:55:09

If you can take a fringe, definitely get one in. I am jealous of people with lovely fringes as they stop the awful mumsy tuck-behind-the-ears look that you inevitably have to adopt in order to function and they actually give a style.

A good colour is low maintenance too, (whether it is vibrant and obvious or understated). It makes you look like you take some care of your appearance even if you haven't time to on a day to day basis.

Have you looked at that website for style ideas? I can't remember the name, something like - it has loads and loads of pictures for inspiration.

And finally, if you only have one baby then a hairdresser is easy. If you go to the salon you could pull the pram alongside you and feed if necessary. I held mine under the gown feeding/sleeping for the entire time. Or you could find a mobile hairdresser to come at a time when the baby might be asleep - if you know when that might be at this stage.

Meggles76 Sun 21-Nov-10 14:20:57

I also think a full fringe would look good and some layers through the side for shaping. How about getting the length cut so that it is just above the shoulders? If you keep it at this length, you will be able to wear in a pony tail or clipped up for days that you don't have much time.

What is you natural colour? For low maintenance you could try and go back to a similar shade with highlights or lowlights and that way you won't have such horrendous re-growth

Bumperlicious Sun 21-Nov-10 16:11:46

What do you think of this, this or this? The problem is I can pick all the styles I like, the question is will my hair actually go into those styles?

Meggles76 Sun 21-Nov-10 17:25:04

I like 1 and 2. Hate 3. A decent hairdresser will be able to create a similar look for you bearing in mind your hair type and face shape

e3chick Sun 21-Nov-10 20:55:35

Number 1 definitely.

ricketyrock Sun 21-Nov-10 21:04:14

I like 1 and 2 but I think they would need to be styled to get like that. No one wakes up with hair like that and with a young baby it's not really an option. 3 is a bit frumpy.

WOuld you be brave enough to do an emma watson?

Or get a very blunt fringe and a good few inches cut off and a red dye job.

this but red

winnybella Sun 21-Nov-10 21:08:15

I like number one the most, but if your hair is really thin, it might not look that good. I used to have a Louise Brooks bob, with a short fringe- it looked great when styled for me (used to work as a model), but on my days off it just hung limply and because my hair is thin, the fringe had to start in the middle of the top of my head iyswim for it to have any body- still it would just lay flat on my forehead. So if your hair is thin, you might want to factor all this in- it won't look as glamorous as KH's hair (which looks reasonably thick- or are those extensions?hmm)

Now number 3 is a bit overdone, don't like it very much, but I had my hair cut recently shoulder-lenght, with a bit of layers in the front, and it's actually quite nice- gives it a bit of shape, can pull it back etc.

weepootle Sun 21-Nov-10 21:15:19

no.1 is lovely.

Bumperlicious Sun 21-Nov-10 21:17:17

Yes, i think no.1 is a bit optimistic. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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