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Boys Hunter Wellies

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muminthesun Sun 21-Nov-10 10:56:03

Hi,bought a cute pair of navy hunter wellies for ds age 7,and was also going to order another pair for nephew,sil said they are a
bit naf,are they? Not that bothered just wondered if they were

tulpe Sun 21-Nov-10 11:16:19

Unless you are also planning to dress said child in tweeds and a barbour, then no, imo they are not naff . They are simply fantastic wellies that are well worth the money.

BTW, TK Maxx had children's sized Hunters for a bargainous £14 earlier this week.

JaxTellersOldLady Sun 21-Nov-10 11:18:41

It depends if you are out and about in the woods or muddy fields a lot. If so, no they are not naff.

MissBeehiving Sun 21-Nov-10 11:21:26

We're in the country and DS wears his Hunters for about 9mos of the year. That works out at pretty good value. Have had other wellies for him but they just disintegrate.shock

muminthesun Sun 21-Nov-10 11:34:45

We do live in a city,but wasnt thinking of ds wearing them around town,unless very bad weather on walk to school,more for xmas walks etc.Tulpe,thanks for tkmaxx tip,might get us all a pair!

tulpe Sun 21-Nov-10 11:35:06

agree MissBeehiving we are in the sticks too and I will be replacing DCs wellies with Hunters once they are outgrow their current ones. The alternative (for warm, winter wellies) would be the snow boots on sale at Muddy Puddles. They are fab & cosy and too expensive.

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