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Help me - my knickers keep rolling down

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miche8 Sat 20-Nov-10 21:26:14

this is no laughing matter - my knickers keep rolling down, have checked with a couple of friends and they have this trouble too, we have all had 3 children, but are all different shapes and sizes, but we all have that left over mummy pouch.

Do i need those granny pants that come up over the belly button? not wanting those tummy sucking pants, they gave me belly ache. Any suggestions?

miche8 Sat 20-Nov-10 21:27:01

Should also add i have tried buying a bigger and smaller size.

SantasNutellaFairy Sat 20-Nov-10 21:30:46

try a different style?

FakePlasticTrees Sat 20-Nov-10 21:33:49

Low rise knickers might be better, M&S do multipacks. also (at the risk of sounding rude) are you sure you're wearing the right size? Try a size up.

peggotty Sat 20-Nov-10 21:35:48

pmsl I have this too! Not with all of my pants, but here are the circumstances that lead to me having pant-roll-syndrome. 1.I am an apple shape so tummy naturally sticks out 2. Wearing those 'boy-shorts' type pants. 3. when the pants in question are slightly too small and finally 4. all of the above combined with the fact I am water-retaining just before a period!!

What style of pants do you wear?

miche8 Sat 20-Nov-10 21:36:57

i keep trying different styles, and if i go any bigger they are baggy in the arse.

miche8 Sat 20-Nov-10 21:39:12

i'm an apple shape too.

Have tried shorts, high legs, minis, and those brazilian pants.

peggotty Sat 20-Nov-10 21:39:14

Granny pants it is then!

SantasNutellaFairy Sat 20-Nov-10 21:57:56

Granny pants are nice and cosy.

beebuzzer Sat 20-Nov-10 22:07:14

I think I might go back to grannies too,as I can't ind anything comfy nowdays. I have a large pouch too Maybe they should make some `pouch pants' for us lot.

TheNextMrsDepp Sat 20-Nov-10 23:43:18

You need a nice pair of kidney warmers. grin

brimfull Sat 20-Nov-10 23:50:12

you need sloggis

ComingDownTheChimmley Sat 20-Nov-10 23:51:47

yy sloggies

SkylineDrifter Sun 21-Nov-10 21:12:04

Indeed sloggi are the way to go.

echt Sun 21-Nov-10 22:51:22

Possibly granny-style is the way to go; you can cut out eyeholes to look out if you pull them up really tight.

Sizing's the thing. When I was last in the UK I found M& S size 12 knickers to be too big - no - I am not a size 10, but their size 10 was a little snug. Comparing them to some original size 12s, I can see they're doing that thing of making us all feel slim by upping the sizes but not the label.

It's like shopping at Target in Oz, which I do for gym-type stuff, I can drop a size just by buying their clothes.
What's not to like?

Ottybottom Mon 22-Nov-10 15:46:23

Another vote for Sloggi(I get Sloggi high legs as don't like the seam in the full briefs). I will never go back to M&S now that I've discovered them!

LadyViper Mon 22-Nov-10 15:55:14

I like the ones in m&s that are proper knickers (none of that thong rubbish) but with string sides. They sit below my "pouch" and don't look frumpy :-)

LadyViper Mon 22-Nov-10 15:56:39

DH said "tell them all not to wear pants"

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