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Waitrose face cream - not the nappy cream but the actual face cream is fab

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waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 11:43:32

I have been trying to spend less on creams and potions so tried Waitrose own face cream and it is fab. My skins feels so soft, I ca't help but stroke face which is probably not wise.

Only £4.99.

I have not tried the bottom butter as I keep forgetting.

BelligerentGhoul Sat 20-Nov-10 18:03:52

Any cahnce of a link please? I have run out of moisturiser and fancied some more Neal's yard but am broke.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 18:44:39

I will try and get a link, I could not do it on the waitrose website.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 18:48:08

here it is

I am not sure if it is as good as the bottom butter as I have not tried that. It is light but effective.

ItalianLady Sat 20-Nov-10 18:50:37

I can confirm it is fabulous as I have used it in the past.

Jajas Sat 20-Nov-10 18:51:41

oh yes it is lovely! <sticks fingers up at creme de la mer>

BelligerentGhoul Sat 20-Nov-10 18:53:53

Thank you.

BangingNoise Sat 20-Nov-10 18:54:28

The Bottom Butter is fantastic! I use it at night and in the morning my skin is rediant and smooth and people often comment. And I have really senstive skin too.
Do you think the face cream would be ok for senstive skin?

Meggles76 Sat 20-Nov-10 18:55:45

I have used their facial wash in the past and it is just as good as any of the mid priced ones.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 18:57:20

Yes I would Banging as it is quite light.

BangingNoise Sat 20-Nov-10 19:02:44

I shall give it a go.

SuePurblybiltByElves Sat 20-Nov-10 19:03:02

I am adding, hoping that this is not rude, that the Aldi creams are ace too. I buy them on Ebay blush.
But will try the Waitrose too next time I am in. Does it have a SPF? One thing the Aldi one doesn't do.

waterlooroadisadocumentary Sat 20-Nov-10 19:09:14

No I don't think it has an SPF.

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