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Stylish hats

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Waswondering Fri 19-Nov-10 21:01:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vintageteacups Fri 19-Nov-10 21:08:45

Like the first, which would look very co-ordinating with the navy coat but think the pink is a bit wishy washy and will stand out like a sore thumb (although very nice) against a navy coat. Could be wrong though - I don't do hats grin

Waswondering Fri 19-Nov-10 21:09:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vintageteacups Fri 19-Nov-10 21:15:50

I love the style - although think it's more granny-ish than the first one. I think the first one would blend more and look more work-like.

Waswondering Fri 19-Nov-10 21:27:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

woopsidaisy Sat 20-Nov-10 09:41:20

The cloche style,fedora and trilby styles are all quite in at the minute. Just find a style that you like and go for it!
But I do think that first one is a bit "granny",sorry.

vintageteacups Sat 20-Nov-10 09:43:36

you could always just carry an umbrella wink

Waswondering Sat 20-Nov-10 10:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tassisssss Sat 20-Nov-10 21:26:31

I think hats are the way to go. I think you have to try on though (I tried a trilby on today and looked truly ridiculous and I think I'm quite a hatty person).

I expect there's a stall in Covent Gardens that could have quite lovely ones!

(alternatively tesco has lots as done accessorize!)

I think I'd go for red with a navy coat FWIW.

ja9 Sun 21-Nov-10 09:19:59

Honestly, WW, without harping on.. you need to go tot Greenwich market i got a (imo) fabby hat there last winter...

purplepeony Sun 21-Nov-10 10:03:27

First one def.

Meggles76 Sun 21-Nov-10 11:37:32

I second the cloche - I have seen them in JL and M&S this year

Waswondering Mon 22-Nov-10 10:58:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FiveOrangePips Mon 22-Nov-10 11:33:27

tass is right you need to try hats on until you find one that works for you - even if you like a hat and think it will go with your coat it may not suit you. I would go to JL, Monsoon etc and try lots on.

I would consider getting a hat with some contrasting colours too, just to brighten up your outfit, will you be wearing a scarf?

Dorothyredboots Mon 22-Nov-10 12:18:39

The cloche is the on-trend hat this season. I was told this when I went into my local hat shop wearing the one I bought there last year! Get a cloche (or several!!)

Waswondering Mon 22-Nov-10 12:40:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tassisssss Mon 22-Nov-10 14:19:09

green then? though red could work.

excited for you!

sorry missed you earlier, talk soon. x

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