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non heel wearer in need of heels

(6 Posts)
Babyramone Fri 19-Nov-10 15:04:05

Hi, got posh Christmas night out. Have more or less decided need nice pair of shoes and have seen few pairs I like, basically basic courts with chunky heel (fat cankled legs)
Pair I like best are 3 inch heels with a thickish sole.
Before I fork out does 3 inches sound too high to start with and should I play safe with a more wearable 2 inch?
In other words is there a massive difference once on between 2+ 3 inches.

tethersend Fri 19-Nov-10 20:43:30

There's no difference between 2" and 3" when you try them on, but a world of difference after standing for an hour or two.

However, if the 3" pair have a thickish sole, they may be ok- it's the difference in height between ball and heel of foot which matters.

Babyramone Sat 20-Nov-10 13:34:05

Oh no worried about that, I've been trawling the net and shoes with a reasonable (2 inch heel) are frankly quite dull, can't do kitten heels as make cankles look awful.
These are the ones I thought might be shoes

Silkstalkings Sat 20-Nov-10 17:49:01

Those are all right. You could try wedge slingbacks for a bit more stability.

Tone up your calf muscles in preparation by walking up stairs on tiptoe.

Babyramone Sat 20-Nov-10 22:05:02

Thanks will try that.

brimfull Sat 20-Nov-10 23:35:34

I have ordered these because they are less than 3" and I am fed up being in agony .
Hven't received them yet .

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