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Help me find a Little Black Dress...

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DrSpechemin Thu 18-Nov-10 15:33:15

DH is going to buy me one for christmas as he's fed up of me not wanting to go out as I don't feel that any of my clothes are nice enough.

So today I tried on the LK Bennett Tina dress and it fitted like a glove - v flattering - but I'm not sure if it's evening-y enough to wear out to nice restaurants etc.

What do you think?- any other suggestion v welcome. I am a curvy size 12 (34E chest, small wait and balanced hips), have a long body and short(er) legs. I want something that is going to make me feel full of confidence.

tethersend Thu 18-Nov-10 15:53:59

What's your budget?

I love the Tina dress, and think it's fine for evening... these are also nice:








DrSpechemin Thu 18-Nov-10 16:03:43

Budget probably up to £250.

Forgot to say that I have quite heavy thighs so not too keen on anything shorter then knee length.

I do like the first one in your links but wonder if it would be too short on me - I'm 5ft5 though so hardly model height

tethersend Thu 18-Nov-10 16:39:56

Hmm... not sure it would be long enough; besides, I don't think it would make you feel full of confidence if you're worried about it being too short IYSWIM...

How about this?

tethersend Thu 18-Nov-10 16:50:21

Or something like this or this?

DrSpechemin Thu 18-Nov-10 17:02:50

Ooh - I like that 20th C one - not sure what the material is like though.

Like the matches one - but would like something a bit more structured...

I'm err-ing more on the side of the Tina tbh - just because it fitted so well - and there was a little bit of room for xmas indulgence as well!

tethersend Thu 18-Nov-10 17:11:37

TBH, I think that for the price the Tina is hard to beat. It is lovely. What's stopping you getting it?

DrSpechemin Thu 18-Nov-10 17:14:29

Nothing - I think I'll take dh shopping tomorrow and see what he thinks - I thought it was fantastic - and thought it was v flattering - just seemed to curve in in all the right places. I think I'll get it

Thank you for all your help - sometimes you just need some reassurance

Clure Thu 18-Nov-10 18:29:04

Tina dress is lovely, its the sort of dress that won't date. You can dress it up with some fab heels and jewellery as well as dressing it down a little with opaques and a little cardi for a more daytime smart look.

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