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is anyone buying anything now or waiting for the sales?

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purplepeony Wed 17-Nov-10 21:40:02

I am not buying anything. I am waiting for Boden, White Company, kew, Jigsaw and White Stuff to slash their prices. Not much I like in any of them, but 50% off might tempt.

higgle Thu 18-Nov-10 08:09:04

I'm waiting for the sales, but I can't afford Brora and Toast at any other time.
Unless you are dead set on a specific item I don't see much point in buying now - especialy shoes and boots as even the very nicest are 50% off in a few weeks.

SerendipityAlways Thu 18-Nov-10 09:21:40

Will wait for online sales also, even though I am still on the lookout for a nice dress to wear on Christmas day that won't break the bank!

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