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I have this dress - need footwear recommendations please

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suiledonne Wed 17-Nov-10 18:34:38


I am going out for a meal with some friends for Christmas. I love the dress and think I would wear it with black tights/leggins but don't have a clue about what shoes or boots to wear.

The last time I went out for a meal the others were all dressed so well and I looked like a frump in my black trousers and nice top combo.

Please help.

suiledonne Wed 17-Nov-10 18:35:54

I see they are calling it a tunic but I am 5'2 so definitely a dress on me.

cruelladepoppins Wed 17-Nov-10 20:06:21

Tis beautiful. What do you already have by way of footwear? (I have an aversion to buying new shoes just to go with one dress - I prob don't really belong on S&B)

I would wear it with leggings, and either black knee-high boots with a reasonable heel, or ballet pumps.

Hang on a sec, is that navy in the colour mix? If so, I would wear with navy leggings and sparkly shoes.

suiledonne Wed 17-Nov-10 20:38:40

Not quite navy - a few shades lighter.

I have nothing in the way of footwear.
Two pairs of very worn converse and a pair of chunky leather wedges that I bought in Clarks this summer.

I am not good with shoes mainly due to the fact that I value comfort above all smile

Clure Wed 17-Nov-10 22:52:32

nice dress. I'd go with something like these they'd be wearable with other stuff afterwards too

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