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what do I do post baby?

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OnlyWantsOne Wed 17-Nov-10 17:45:16

So I was a slim size 10, 5ft 7, small chest...

Im 38 weeks PG, and growing out of my mat gear (which is all stretchy over bump stuff) and I've put on 4 stone (said I would make an effort not to, but oh well)

So what do I do clothes wise? What vital bits do I need to see me through back into my old clothes?

Last time I lost the weight very quickly 5 stone in 3 months (thats a relationship break down for you and meeting the OW in your house when you get back from Tesco...[disclaimer:im not bitter. Promise.

Any way....

tell me oh wise and avid

ItalianLady Wed 17-Nov-10 17:46:06

I read this as how do I post a baby!

traceybath Wed 17-Nov-10 17:51:14

Well I wore yoga type roll over trousers a lot, stretchy tops and nice cardigans and pretty scarves.

Worth doing a h&m/new look/primark sweep to get a few bits in bigger size than normal.

But I wouldn't spend much as the clothes will be too big very quickly.

Good luck with the birth and shock at your previous relationship breakdown.

OnlyWantsOne Wed 17-Nov-10 17:55:34

bugger I hate shopping though and you cant get new look or primarni online [grouch]

porcupine11 Wed 17-Nov-10 17:59:00

Similar stats to you to start with. Got within 5 lbs of original weight after first. Second time round, it's been slower, but at 7 months I'm back to my 'between babies' weight and back in a size 12, apart from my boobs which are massive. But it's been bfing that's taken the lbs off in the last few weeks, so I won't complain about my 32FFs too much!

The biggest diff (or shock) second time was that my tummy did not shrink back as quickly. My sister asked why I still looked pregnant at 8 weeks.

Was in maternity jeans for a lot longer after second, just liked the support for my tummy TBH. I think if I have a third, I'd invest in one of those postnatal corsets as it's supposed to help the muscles too. As it is I got by wearing supportive vest tops with dresses or skirts over the top, as I hate the feeling of loose tummy muffin top over jeans. So I guess my tip is buy loads of lengthy vests!

traceybath Wed 17-Nov-10 18:04:37

New Look is online!

Pair of jeans in a bigger size, I liked the lace trim vest tops from jigsaw and then cardigans from gap or boden.

A scarf and job done.

superv1xen Wed 17-Nov-10 18:06:07

yeah i agree with tracey, low cut yoga trousers, tracksuit bottoms (but nice, fitted ones) stretchy tops.

good luck with the birth

OnlyWantsOne Wed 17-Nov-10 18:19:06

no no no ladies I have 8 weeks off, I dont do tracksuit bottoms, and surely low cut trousers will make my fucking huge muffin tops look massive?

traceybath Wed 17-Nov-10 19:51:42

As I said - jeans in a bigger size and did you look at my links? [bossy emoticon]

OnlyWantsOne Wed 17-Nov-10 20:46:48

yes I did...

Jeans, have no idea what size I shall be post exploding.

Where best to get them, plus need reasonable price ones as I dont want to spend fortune on some thing I dont intend on wearing for long.

knomedeplum Wed 17-Nov-10 21:09:13

I would go to DP or New Look or somewhere and get lots of cheap pairs of jeans in lots of different sizes - so you have plenty to try on at home when you've had the baby and then just take/send the stuff that doesn't fit back.

I learned the hard way. First time, NOTHING fitted me post baby (nothing at all, not even pjs) and in an emergency I HAD to buy horrendous jeans from Bon Marche because no where else had anything to fit me and my BCT group were meeting up. I still shudder when I think of them (the jeans, not the nct lot!). I almost wish I'd got myself a disclaimer T-shirt to wear with them. I went into town in basically pjs that looked a bit like jogging bottoms, but were in fact pjs, and barely fitted, desperate times.

Anyway, this time around i bought lots of long tops, and about 20 pairs of jeans a week before so I had some options to try at home when I'd given birth. I also got a new nice pair of shoes to look down on as I waddled about, cheered me up.

Paribus Wed 17-Nov-10 21:50:51

"bugger I hate shopping though and you cant get new look or primarni online [grouch]" you can shop online

OnlyWantsOne Thu 18-Nov-10 09:38:41

Ahh but I dont know what size to go for at all...

dare I measure myself?

LooL00 Thu 18-Nov-10 10:27:37

No no not jeans. Leggings and a tunic is what you need. If the leggings come up to your waist you can hitch up the tunic to feed baby. Comfy,stretchy and cheap.

this? or this?

or this?

OnlyWantsOne Thu 18-Nov-10 10:43:36

Oooo yes I like that idea!!

BelieveInLife Thu 18-Nov-10 10:48:15

Was going to suggest exactly same as Loo. I lived in leggings and tunics for 6 weeks afterwards, with a corset underneath

OnlyWantsOne Thu 18-Nov-10 11:39:48

what sort of corset?

LooL00 Thu 18-Nov-10 13:24:02

Forget the corset, buy some really nice shoes to distract people with. They'll not notice your tum if you've got some fascinating accessories.

fullofbeanstoday Thu 18-Nov-10 20:03:29

I lived in my Primark jeggings. Bought them a few sizes bigger than normal so weren't really tight in leg but elasticated waist was comfy and stayed up as I lost weight.

traceybath Thu 18-Nov-10 20:04:58

I never got on with tunics for bf purposes - too much material. I was always a fan of the double layer of tops - one up and one down for tummy coverage purposes.

OnlyWantsOne Fri 19-Nov-10 09:28:02

so best place for leggings is?

I can wear vests under tunics to cover up while BF

I have some boots like this here

except they're purple

wish I knew what size to buy legging wise

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