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Where can I get a swimsuit for DD in the winter?

(13 Posts)
honkytonk Fri 12-Nov-10 21:15:42

Boring topic for a Friday night I know but I am looking for a swimsuit for DD (age 7-8) that will be used weekly.

Have looked on Boden and M&S and BHS and H&M.

any ideas?


amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 12-Nov-10 21:16:46

What about googling Speedo or one of the other makes of swimming costume - I think they all do kids ones.

ZZZenAgain Fri 12-Nov-10 21:17:47

I found one for dd last winter in a sports shop (Addidas)

Panzee Fri 12-Nov-10 21:18:28

A sports shop. Swimming is a year-round sport.

scrappydappydoo Fri 12-Nov-10 21:20:47

My local sainsburys and tescos have them

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Fri 12-Nov-10 21:22:05


Local leisure centre.

If near the coast, there are often specialist watersports/surfing shops that will have them.

Sports shops.

notyummy Fri 12-Nov-10 21:22:28

Sports shop or swimming pool.

thisisyesterday Fri 12-Nov-10 21:23:53

debenhams have them in, they hqave a sport section, not in the kidswear bit.

PlumSykes Fri 12-Nov-10 21:49:15



GrimmaTheNome Fri 12-Nov-10 21:56:32

M&S do have a few - I got DD this in both colours not long ago, good practical 'swimming lesson' style.

BikeRunSki Fri 12-Nov-10 22:02:00

School uniform shop.

FrameyMcFrame Sat 13-Nov-10 09:40:36

John Lewis?

honkytonk Mon 15-Nov-10 11:45:11

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I have ordered one online from M and S!!

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