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help - broken nail - can I use superglue?

(10 Posts)
whatkatydidathome Fri 12-Nov-10 17:11:37

work do tomorrow and one broken nail - all already quite short (ie easy to type with ) but this one is now torn half off. Can I superglue it back together?

BooBooGlass Fri 12-Nov-10 17:12:27

O god NO

MarionCole Fri 12-Nov-10 17:15:58

I have been known to in the past blush

puzzlepetal Fri 12-Nov-10 17:27:30

Boots do a very good nail glue.

sexy2shoes Fri 12-Nov-10 17:29:09

Apparently superglue is the same stuff they use for nail repair glue.

To get a good repair, apply a strip of tissue over break/torn nail and apply with thin layer of glue. You may want to do this a few times to reinforce the repair - ensure each layer fully dry before applying another layer.

When all is completely dry lightly file over with emery board to smooth and blend in with rest of nail. Base coat + coloured nail varnish to finish.

To remove - best way is to use emery board and file it off gently stopping before you get to actual nail. If you try to pick it off you will remove some of the nail surface.

This is what I do using nail repair glue so would think you could do same with superglue.

Hope this is of help.

RipMacWinkle Fri 12-Nov-10 17:31:46

In the past I have done, as read on the internet, the following

Get some loo paper (sounds crazy I know!) and cut a small square, enough to cover the rippped nail area. Then use clear polish, top coat, base coat, whatever and use that to cover the loo paper and seal the tear.

It works enough to seal the cut until it grows up a wee bit, enough for you to file or cut. I sometimes find I have to repeat this process but not always.

Not sure if I've explained this right. But I'm not a loon, I promise.


RipMacWinkle Fri 12-Nov-10 17:32:46

Aha - ignore me, what sexy2shoes says.


Actually you're right too. Use glue instead of polish to hold the paper.

whatkatydidathome Fri 12-Nov-10 18:18:23

thank you

moragbellingham Fri 12-Nov-10 18:23:47

Yes, I use superglue too!

thenightsky Fri 12-Nov-10 18:25:28

I use superglue on nails all the time. Its fab stuff.

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