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I have Gruffalo legs, please help!

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2tontess Thu 11-Nov-10 15:08:29

I'm 5.5 and have very short fat legs. Any ideas how to dress them? Inside leg is 29 inches, large calves, large thighs but scrawny ankles and knobbley knees. I'm a 12 on top, almost a 10 on the bottom half.

I can never find boots that fit nicely, if I have a wide fit they tend to sag a little around ankles. Dresses tend to be too long, skinny jeans and boots a definite no.

I tend to live in boot cut jeans and plain tops or ahem...fleeces shock

I am one of the Fat Face / White Stuff shoppers but would love to branch out a little.

Maryqueenofchocs Thu 11-Nov-10 19:57:58

Try Duo boots, calf fit, and go for skinny jeans and boots. YOU CAN WEAR THEM!

As long as the fit is right it will elongate your body. As a size 10/12 you prob hate your calves more than you should.

Choose a heeled boot. Also try dress/skirt leg lengths that come just below the knee and fitted, think dita von teese, a very flattering cut plus it'll half the size of your calves. When wearing a dress choose shoes without an ankle strap, this draws attention to the leg.


BikeRunSki Thu 11-Nov-10 20:04:55

Try Gap "Long and Lean" jeans. The name is midleading, but they work well on my Gruffalo legs.

2tontess Fri 12-Nov-10 07:31:23

Thankyou so much for your replies, I was going to try Gap curvy jeans as I thought long and lean would be off limits confused

I measured my calves the other day as I fancied a pair of Fly boots. Website said they'd fit up to 33cm calves, mine are 42 blush

Finbar Fri 12-Nov-10 07:33:44

Gap Curvy jeans have been a revelation to my gruffalos!
I would avoid skinnies though

higgle Fri 12-Nov-10 08:06:02

fly boots are notoriously narrow in the leg- that is why there are always lots left in the sales ( you would think they would notice!)

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