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HELP!!! -drowning in clothes

(12 Posts)
headinclouds101 Thu 11-Nov-10 14:31:07

I now have a reasonable amount of disposable cash but twas not always so. Also I have had the values of a parent so frugal you?d have to invent a new word, forcibly instilled in my psyche.
So ? keep buying clothes but have an inability to throw them out unless they are worn out. I have got a bit better. Can now do that thing where you chuck something not worn for a certain length of time or anything way to small. But rarely get rid of anything cos it is unfashionable ? as I don?t buy really high fashion clothes anyway - what?s not totally in fashion doesn?t totally go out. Also I do still hang on to things that are just slightly too tight ? as my weight does fluctuate naturally by about 5lb.
I need some advice about being way more ruthless and rationalising wardrobe. Space is becoming an issue. How can I get over the nowt wrong with it ? it cost good money ? I do wear it occasionally mentality.
My best idea would be to chuck it all and start again ? however can?t quite afford to do that.

moragbellingham Thu 11-Nov-10 17:01:48

I'm exactly the same and lurkingsmile

I'm a hoarder and DH thinks I have loads of clothes but when it boils down to it I really am no longer a size 8 and they will never be worn again!

Gotabookaboutit Thu 11-Nov-10 17:11:24

Sort what you do wear into one pile and either give to a charity shop or sell on eBay.

Then look at what you do wear and ask yourself why you wear it ?

When you do shop buy 'fashion ' items from cheaper shops and accept you will chuck them @ the end of the season - use these to update /keep your more expensive basic items looking current

headinclouds101 Thu 11-Nov-10 17:21:03

So when you say more expensive basics -do you mean trousers skirts, coats etc.

I normally shop at the mid to high end of the High street price wise - which is maybe why I cant bear to give things away. My big weakness is tops - I buy loads as they are much easier to find a good fit than bottoms.

So I think you are saying buy cheap tops and accept that they will fall apart and date. Any suggestions for shops? Please not Primark.

headinclouds101 Thu 11-Nov-10 17:27:15

Also - when you say - sort out what you do wear - well I do wear most of my stuff from time to time. So maybe keep only things worn at least once a month?
Any ideas on what quanity of everything is enough to be going on with- because I think even if I piled up only the stuff that i wear regularly I'd still have a lot of clothes by most people's standards.

(fears youngest child demanding a room of his own and losing spare room aka mummy's clothes room..)

Gotabookaboutit Thu 11-Nov-10 20:33:07

lol you are hard core - Sort what you love into a pile - ebay the rest to placate your frugal side.

yes re the basics - they date much slower - tops and accessories are

Why do you struggle to buy bottoms?

re where to shop - what size, age and shape are you and what is your lifestyle?

What are you fashion goals apart from to have less ?

Gotabookaboutit Thu 11-Nov-10 20:48:17

Erh just re read that

Fashion goals sound so naff but I hope you know what I mean lol

headinclouds101 Fri 12-Nov-10 12:06:39

Thanks Gotabook
I can’t buy bottoms easily because of the fit. My waist is at least a size bigger than my hips. If jeans fit well at the waist they are hideously baggy round the hips and thighs. If I try a size smaller I often can’t fasten them. If I can just manage the fastening they cut me in half and give fearsome muffin top. To an extent this is my natural body shape – but is has got worse post my last caesarean. Have had some complication which means I can’t do abs exercises so any real toning of that area will have to wait until they are resolved. Skirts are a little better - but don’t wear them much because of footwear issues.
In summer dresses can solve the problem – but as soon as I have to wear tights its unsightly bulge city. Never found spanx or similar much good – even the high waisted ones produce bulge somewhere. Also footwear issues.
So 40ish, petite with slim hips and legs. Large middle and big boobs. Lifestyle – when working the code is smart casual – very much open to interpretation. I need to be able to move in my work clothes and be prepared to be on my feet a lot. Subjected to wildly fluctuating temperatures – so layering would be a good idea – but I find it difficult to add layers and not look even more top heavy.
Non working days – on my feet a lot in all weathers as don’t drive and school is long walk. I can’t wear heels as I have very broad feet and have a chronic post injury problem with ankle.
Fashion goals – I just want to look attractive and a little contemporary. One of my main problems is that I don’t know what I want - I admire lots of different quite conflicting looks – for instance I love slightly bohemian/ ethnic stuff – but I also have a hankering for smart office things.(very hard if you have a fat middle). I don’t know whether you have to aspire to a particular look – but I suspect it helps to keep clothing pile down.
I most typically shop in a John Lewis or Debenhams – I usually have very little time and find they have a reasonable selection of brands. There is no High Street store I wouldn’t consider on days when I have a bit more time. I live within reasonable travelling distance of most chains.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I’m going shopping tomorrow and I promise for anything new I buy I’ll get rid of 2 old. One more important thing – I love colour and could never be persuade into a black and grey type capsule wardrobe.

Gotabookaboutit Fri 12-Nov-10 13:28:28

Very similar age and shape 2 me - I have issues now with tummy 2 after ceazer - nothing has really improved it but I do wear all in one spanx.

Have you tried sweater dresses or tunics with good quality leggings and long flat or wedge boots ? - go to dresses and tunics - nice Boho feel - lots are v neck good for big norks. Wear them this winter and then throw at this price.

Some fab colours out there in this shape - Monsoon worth a look for knitted ones - also coloured leggings or dense tights make it look much more contemporary and will solve the fit problem

Long boots worth spending some money on !

MakemineaGandT Fri 12-Nov-10 13:30:41

To avoid the guilt of getting rid of stuff, give it to charity and think of the people who will benefit (a bit) from it, as well as you benefitting from being free of it.

headinclouds101 Fri 12-Nov-10 13:41:09

Thank Gota - liked the look of joebrowns.

makemine - yes I would be happy to give clothes to charity rather than to sell. If I can make myself let go of something then I am happy for someone else to benefit. i could never bin anything.. shudder.

Gotabookaboutit Sun 14-Nov-10 14:08:53

Also white stuff for tunics in a slightly boho feel

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