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How to avoid Boden, Joules, Fat Face and White Stuff

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NotAnotherChinHair Wed 10-Nov-10 17:15:53

I like a lot of stuff in those shops although I am starting to dislike Boden and Joules as all the mums at the playgroud wear something from there. Today I even saw the headteacher wearing a Boden coat. I just find it a bit offputting but I do like their stuff, although not everything. So anyway, where does one go for alternatives? Specifically I am looking for a mini for myself that isn't too much of a mini (I am 40) if that makes any sense. Thank you!

bettymoody Wed 10-Nov-10 17:17:51

WHITE stuff is the worst offender imo.
i like pLAIN Stuff from kew - their skirts are ace can be VV short or knee lenght
GAP for Jeans/ tops
the odd knit from marks ( increasingly less)

H and M for accessories , although KEw belts take some beating.

Quodlibet Wed 10-Nov-10 17:18:51

French Connection?
Urban Outfitters?

bettymoody Wed 10-Nov-10 17:19:42

FC too young i find #gimmer

bettymoody Wed 10-Nov-10 17:19:54

KNitwear is my big prob

NotAnotherChinHair Wed 10-Nov-10 17:24:21

The Soft Cord Knee Skirt from Kew is great, now I'd like to find a cheaper equivalent...

bettymoody Wed 10-Nov-10 17:27:37

ebay are good
i got my best ever one ( wool kew min) from there for £4

bettymoody Wed 10-Nov-10 17:29:49


and crappy photo

sarah293 Wed 10-Nov-10 17:30:27

Message withdrawn

HalfTermHero Wed 10-Nov-10 17:36:26

Riv is right. Quite often some decent bits in sainsbo. They have had some reasonably priced Khaki/camel utility style knits and houli-likies styles of late.

Beyond that, Topshop is rather fabulous smile

traceybath Wed 10-Nov-10 17:43:48

You see I think the odd thing from boden is fine and I do like their knitwear.

Brora sale very good for cashmere. M&S also good for cashmere.

Otherwise just look in the usual suspects of kew/jigsaw/whistles but only if you're a pear/top shop/gap/oasis etc.

I think as long as you're not head to toe from any one shop its fairly easy to look stylish.

Oh and new look/h&m for cheaper bits and bobs.

flyingzebra Wed 10-Nov-10 17:46:08


pointydog Wed 10-Nov-10 17:48:01

Why don't you have a look round a department store like debenhams and see what brand you like in there?

I am v into ben de lisi for priciples just now.

traceybath Wed 10-Nov-10 17:49:52

Jigsaw have some lovely velvet and wool mini-skirts in that aren't a-line. Quite £££ though.

Jajas Wed 10-Nov-10 17:53:19

Kew is dull imo.

Love White Stuff but wish no-one else knew about it.

I'm in a mixture of plain Boden and Next today, nothing too obvious floral or brightly patterned though.

Want to like Toast but god their stuff is stuffy grin and unbelievably expensive!

White Company has some lovely things but again bit on the old expensive side.

What about All Saints? Hilariously trendy.

Fenn Wright Manson and Phase Eight all nice but mark you out as of a certain age

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Wed 10-Nov-10 17:56:54

I seem to be on a mailing list for Ladies 30+ With Money To Burn - Toast, Brora and the like.

I had a lovely catalogue through recently but I'll be buggered if I can remember who it was from.

I like a lot of Great Plains though.

traceybath Wed 10-Nov-10 17:58:30

Yes I don't really get toast. Just so expensive for such droopy clothes.

pointydog Wed 10-Nov-10 17:59:30

I don't think a brand marks you as a particular age . I think it's the overall look. SO maybe if everything you wore was pahse 8 or whatever but not a skirt or top here ansd there.

pointydog Wed 10-Nov-10 18:00:11

Used to like Great Plains but not seen anything there I like in ages.

traceybath Wed 10-Nov-10 18:02:20

I think its more that certain brands cut/design for certain shapes/sizes. Whistles definitely designs for pear shapes - as a short apple I can never find anything in there that suits me.

Jajas Wed 10-Nov-10 18:09:10

Yes bizarrely Jane Norman blush fits me perfectly as I'm a skinny midget but you wouldn't find me dead in their stuff as so hideously cheap and cheerful.

Hush has some nice casual stuff but limited selection and that model is too bleddy gorgeous for her own good envy.

How about Mint Velvet? Love their clothes.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Wed 10-Nov-10 18:09:22

Oh! Oh! Oh!

It was Wrap

Pannacotta Wed 10-Nov-10 18:16:01

I'm not keen on any of those shops either.

But as an apple nearing 40 I do struggle to find nice clothes which fit me....

MissBeehiving Wed 10-Nov-10 18:16:11

Agree with Jajas - love Mint Velvet. Some people however <hard stare at betty> think that their clothes are too grey wink. I do not subscribe to that though grin

Jajas Wed 10-Nov-10 18:25:48

Yes there is definitely a nod towards grey silver!

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