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Stylish long and warm cardigans

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OooohWhatIfItHurts Wed 10-Nov-10 15:27:02

Ok girls, your mission should you choose to accept it is to find me a stylish and warm cardie that will look good at work.

It's my first day back from maternity leave today and I'm effing freezing thanks to the clever bods who've decided that we need the air conditioning set to cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

I'm a lawyer so it needs to look smart and sober and hopefully stylish - I'm thinking grey/black/navy, possibly camel.

I'm 5ft2, size 10 but with big norks so long cardies can make me look very mumsy. I need to choose with care. Budget up to £200.

sweetheart Wed 10-Nov-10 15:29:57

how about the last one on this page

Bonsoir Wed 10-Nov-10 15:30:04

I like this cardigan - my mother has bought it for me for Christmas!

sweetheart Wed 10-Nov-10 15:30:15

Oh no - try page 4!

OooohWhatIfItHurts Wed 10-Nov-10 15:39:21

Bonsoir, that's lovely but not worky enough. But how I'd love to be able to wrap that around me just now - one day in the office and I can feel a cold coming on!

Sweetheart, I like the shape of yours - looks quite tailored - but I'd rather not have acrylic and I'm not convinced that double breasted will suit my boobs.

Bonsoir Wed 10-Nov-10 15:42:08

What are you going to be wearing it over? What do you wear to work?

omnishambles Wed 10-Nov-10 15:43:13

The famous Isabella Oliver coatigan here?

Bonsoir Wed 10-Nov-10 15:45:18

What about this?

OooohWhatIfItHurts Wed 10-Nov-10 15:53:00

Ooooh, omnishambles, I like the Isabella Oliver. Might it drown me? IO tend to design for very tall women IME. I wonder what it would look like with a belt?

Bonsoir, today I'm wearing a black wool pencil skirt, John Smedley slight cowl neck top tucked in with a grey suede belt and a leopardskin scarf and high heels.

This is my problem - I'm an hourglass/top heavy and suit a fitted look. I'd like the cardie to look quite tailored if possible while ticking all the other boxes <difficult emoticon>.

I'm loving the fact that I'm spending my first day in work for a year shopping for cardies and MNing!

OooohWhatIfItHurts Wed 10-Nov-10 15:55:44

Eg this is my other work cardie but won't warm the cockles.

omnishambles Wed 10-Nov-10 16:40:02

Not sure but lots of people have one on here - cornsilk I think for one. I think it would look good with a belt too.

I think with a silk blouse, a pencil skirt and a belt it would be good.

mrsshackleton Thu 11-Nov-10 10:50:26

Love the toast one but toast is so £££. Have asked already a few days ago and been ignored grin but does anyone have a toast discount code?

Sanesometimes1 Thu 11-Nov-10 22:52:54

Save yr Money and just buy some thermal vests !

employmentlawquery Fri 12-Nov-10 02:45:25

longline cashmere

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