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big thighs and clothes

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olijackmum Wed 10-Nov-10 15:12:23

I really need some advice as my thighs are huge and really getting me depressed I need some advice on how to get rid of them the rest of my body is ok just them .
I am losing all my confidence because of them and cant wear the clothes I want to wear. I am gonig out for a meal on saturday and I dont want to wear the usual jeans tha tI wear i do like leggings but cant find any really nic elong dressy tops to cover my thighs up or does anyone a have any other suggestions to what I could wear . i wear black pants for work so dont really want to wear them on a night out

MaudOHara Wed 10-Nov-10 22:04:10

Knee length skirts are your friend for covering up big thighs I would say.

Leggings and long tops will (IME) only draw attention to your thighs.

QueenGigantaurofMnet Wed 10-Nov-10 22:06:16

wide leg trousers and tops that sit on your waist rather than bum.

coffeenut Thu 11-Nov-10 10:31:48

I have thighs issues and wear knee-length skirts, skinny jeans (only with boots to balance thighs), knee length dresses, maxi dresses, slim cropped pants. A good pair of heels can really do wonders as well. The list is endless. Don't get down about it - most people have something they don't like about themselves. So what if we can't wear mini skirts or short shorts?! smile

olijackmum Thu 11-Nov-10 12:37:29

I would love to wear skinny jeans but cant find any flattering ones

RoobyMurray Thu 11-Nov-10 12:39:04

Dresses and skirt with boots.

ameliameerkat Thu 11-Nov-10 17:29:40

Wide floor skimming length trousers and boot cut jeans (not skinny jeans as they make my legs look fat) with heels are my favourites, and I have Thighs (not just thighs).

Meggles76 Thu 11-Nov-10 18:08:22

Good things for you
A line skirts and knee length jersey dresses - wear with knee boots
Straight leg jeans - create the same look as skinnies but much more forgiving
Wide leg trousers - wear with neat fitting tops
boot cut jeans - they balance out your shape

Things to Avoid
Thigh length hem lines on tunics and longer tops - they will draw attention to your problem area.

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